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Kitchen Table Lighting Ideas

The kitchen table is the central point in the home for serving, dining, and entertaining on a daily basis, so you want to make sure you have a lighting solution that is up to the job. Style, functionality, and durability are all elements you should consider when selecting kitchen table lighting. From modern mini pendants to futuristic floor lamps, there are many options for lighting the contemporary kitchen. Take a look at these magazine-worthy kitchen table lighting ideas to get some inspiration for your modern home.

Light and Airy

Kitchen Pendant Lighting from Ylighting
Mini Ella Pendant Light By Tech Lighting

Keep your kitchen looking clean and orderly by choosing white or clear pendants. A soft, white pendant made of fabric or metal suspended above the kitchen table provides a simple, minimal look. Add translucent glass orb pendants above the kitchen counters to complete the open and airy feel.

When Mini Counts

Kitchen pendant lighting ideas from Ylighting
Lustra Pendant Light By Tech Lighting

If your kitchen table or counter is long or rectangular, you can use mini pendants to add some extra task lighting. You don’t need many to provide enough light; dual mini pendants on either side of the kitchen table will beam potent, concentrated on both ends.

Long and Linear

Sonneman kitchen pendant system at Ylighting
5 Light LED Suspension System By SONNEMAN Lighting

Another option for long, narrow kitchen dinettes and islands is to use linear suspension lighting, which will run the length of the surface. You want your linear light fixture to coverage about one-half to three-fourths of the kitchen table length in order to get enough illumination.

Go Low

kitchen flushmount lighting ideas at Ylighting
Smithfield C Flush Mount Ceiling Light from FLOS

If you have low ceilings or high countertops in your kitchen, consider using flush mount ceiling lights. A flush mount with a minimalist design, such as a simple circle, will add enough ambient light without obstructing your field of vision while cooking or serving.

Coverage Counts

Kitchen Lighting ideas from Ylighting
Dome Pendant Light By Seed Design

You can use pendant lights to match the shape of your kitchen table or dinette while providing adequate illumination coverage. Angled pendants that concentrate light downwards are perfect for providing task lighting on every inch of the table, whether you are serving appetizers at a family gathering or cleaning up after a hardy meal.

Stay in Line

Kitchen Island lighting ideas | Ylighting
Mezz Mini Pendant Light from Tech Lighting

Multiple pendants hung in a uniform fashion over the kitchen table or counter will provide visual symmetry and proper lighting. Exposed bulbs or fixtures with Edison-style lightbulbs look especially nice in this arrangement since they blend contemporary design with vintage ambiance.

Brilliantly Bold

Kitchen Chandelier Ideas | Ylighting
Aberdeen Chandelier from Kichler

A bold or eccentric kitchen pendant or are a great way to captivate your guests. Hang your uniquely-designed light fixture in the center of the kitchen table to create a focal point for illumination and a way to draw the eye.

Maximize Mini Pendants

kuzco table lighting pendants | Ylighting
Malabar LED Mini Pendant Light from Kuzco Lighting Image Via – @interiorvisionsllc

If you want to add task lighting in your kitchen, in addition to your ambient lighting, mini pendants will do just the trick since they concentrate light downwards. Mini pendants with minimalist design elements, such as cone shapes or clean lines, are an excellent choice since they will fit right into virtually any modern kitchen.

When to Go Wide

Kitchen Table lighting Ideas | Ylighting
Non Random Pendant Light from Moooi

If you want to maximize the task lighting provided by pendants, choose fixtures with wide, circular shades. Suspend wide pendants above both ends of a rectangular kitchen island or table to make sure you have enough illumination coverage for cooking, serving, and dining.

Meaning of Metal

Kitchen Table Island Pendants
Cartwright Pendant Light from Hinkley Lighting Image Via – @dottiesgrandgirl

Metal is popular for kitchen lighting fixtures thanks to its durability and distinct aesthetics. Chrome light fixtures will match stainless steel appliances, or you can add a dash of rustic by going for brass or copper tones, which contrast nicely against white counters and wooden chairs.

Hanging Artwork

Kitchen island lighting ideas Ylighting
Link Suspension Light from LZF

You have full permission to go for that artistic lighting style you are looking for. Chandeliers and pendants for the kitchen table can be just as much for decoration as they are for functionally. If you can match the color tones of the fixtures to your countertops and cabinetry, it can add that extra bit of decorative charm.

Use the Floor

Kitchen table floor lamp by Ylighitng
Arco Floor Lamp from FLOS

If you want to bring a touch of modern to family gatherings for the holidays, but lack adequate ceiling lights for your kitchen table, think about using large floor lamps. A long arm will sweep over guests and provide just as much task lighting as traditional pendants.

Save Some Room

LED mini pendant | Ylighting
Net LED Mini Pendant Light from Grok

If you live in a modern condo or townhouse, you can’t afford to sacrifice floor space. Choose kitchen pendants that feature minimalistic features like clean lines and organic angles, rather than bulky or large chandeliers that will take up too much room.

When Adaptability Matters

Aim Small LED Pendant Lighting for Kitchens
Aim Small LED Pendant Light from FLOS

If you are looking for flexibility when it comes to your kitchen table lighting, look for adjustable pendants so light can be directed where it’s needed most. Another option is to choose plug in pendants, which allow for quick and simple installation.

Home for the Holidays

Large Pendant Lights for Kitchen Table
Viva Edison C1 LED Pendant Light from Antonangeli

You can add a distinctive allure to your kitchen table for Thanksgiving, the holidays, and dinner parties by adding a homey, yet vintage edge to your contemporary kitchen. This is easy to achieve with Edison-style fixtures, which typically feature an exposed bulb that is bound to give a dramatic effect to onlookers.

Flush Mount Favs

Kitchen table flush mount ideas
Cloud3 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Blackjack Lighting

Keep your line of sight unobstructed at the dining table by choosing flush mount ceiling lights. Forgoing the need for long suspension cords means your modern kitchen will keep that open design and feel. Minimalistic designs such as geometric patterns can add to the uncluttered ambiance.

Bye, Bye Boring

Hammered Copper Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas
Stanley Pendant Light from Original BTC

If your kitchen features white, grey, or neutral tones, you can add a splash of color through your choice of pendants or chandeliers. Brass or copper are great finishes for the kitchen, since they reflect well against stainless steel, marble, or laminate.

Lining for Linear

Modern kitchen lighting | Ylighting
Gia Low Voltage Linear Suspension from Tech Lighting

You can easily light smaller, long sections of kitchen counters or tables by suspending a light bar or suspension lights overhead. Look for a lean, thin linear light, as this will elongate the sense of space and provide adequate illumination coverage over the surface.

Add Some Contemporary Edge

Modern Linear Chandelier at Ylighting
Brinley Linear Chandelier from Kichler

If you want your lighting to blend into your contemporary, minimalistic kitchen, look for kitchen table light fixtures with those same qualities. Linear or geometric structures, like thin, tubular pendants, can be hung group to create a chandelier-like effect, while still being edgy and modern.

If you are suspending pendants over your kitchen table, typically you’ll want to hang them in a uniform fashion, about 30 to 36 inches above the surface. While pendants are ideal for kitchen tables, there are plenty of other lighting options, including gorgeous chandeliers. Another popular choice for kitchens with rectangular tables and counters is kitchen linear lighting. For more YLighting ideas, see our Kitchen Lighting Ideas.


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