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Large Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchens are usually one of the busiest rooms in any house and require an ample amount of lighting for the many tasks that need to be accomplished, and to create an inviting and relaxing space. The larger the kitchen, the more lighting you’ll need so make sure your lighting scheme includes ceiling fixtures like recessed, semi-flush, and flush mount lights for overall ambient light and under-cabinet mounted lights for task lighting. Pendants over kitchen islands are a great opportunity to add lighting and accentuate your kitchen’s interior design.


large pendant lights for an open kitchen.
Urban Loft Alchemy Pendant Light from Hammerton Studio

Industrial kitchens with lots of stainless steel can benefit from industrial kitchen chandelier and pendant lights in the same theme. Installed over the island, pendants with a clear glass bulb and decorative light bulbs are a great way to add ambient light. Choose one in gunmetal, silver, or black metallic finish to continue the industrial aesthetic.

Live Large

LED tube dinner table lighting ideas
Tubini S LED Pendant Light from Ricca Design

Consider adding a grouping of modern pendants above your island for extra illumination in a large kitchen. Choose ones with interesting details such as colored suspension cords or minimalist-inspired tubes and hang them at a variety of heights for an artistic light arrangement.

Hanging in the Balance

large kitchen pendant lighting.
Revere Pendant Light By Tech Lighting

If you have a large island in your kitchen, adding modern kitchen pendant lights can provide much-needed task lighting. Using two pendants hung in a row can ensure that light is balanced throughout the space and can add an inviting glow to the whole kitchen.

Light Touch

small modern pendant lighting in large kitchen.
Levis L LED Pendant Light from Cerno

Offset LED recessed lights with a row of pendant light to ensure adequate ambient lighting in a large kitchen. Pendant lights are a great addition over an island and should give off the same temperature of light as the rest of the fixtures.

Back to the Wall

Large kitchen wall sconce lighting ideas.
Liberty LED Wall Sconce By Ricca Design

Wall lights are another great way to provide ample ambient illumination in a large kitchen. Placed between windows or cabinets, wall lights can throw light up, down, or both. Look for ones that have the same metallic finish as the other accents in your kitchen for a cohesive look.

Minimalist Musings

modern globe pendant lights in large kitchen.
Easton Pendant Light By Hudson Valley Lighting

For large kitchen lighting, choose pendants that reflect the overall style of your space. For a modern and minimalist kitchen, pendants with a rounded shape, chrome finish, and clear globes are a great choice. Use decorative light bulbs to add excitement and interest.

Open and Airy

Large Chandeliers over kitchen island.
Aros Chandelier from Hinkley Lighting

Make a statement in your kitchen by installing dramatic pendants over your island. Pendants that have an extra-large open cage design around a starburst fixture are a great way to convey an open and airy feel in a large kitchen.

Farmhouse Mod

Linear Suspension lighting for large kitchens.
Stinson Linear Suspension Light By Hinkley Lighting

A modern farmhouse kitchen is a great fit for a pendant with a black metal frame with dual candelabras inside. Suspended from or near a rough wooden rafter, this type of pendant will impart a rustic elegance to your space while providing the perfect amount of ambient light.

Detail Oriented

large drum kitchen pendant lighting ideas.
Sedona Pendant Light By Kuzco Lighting – Image Via @kgelfanddesigns

For minimalist large kitchen lighting, look for pendants, or other black kitchen light fixtures that have a transitional feel and a matte black finish. Interesting structural details like a faceted or geometric shade and cloth cable will add a finishing touch. Choose one with an adjustable cloth cable so your pendant can be hung at just the right height.

Pendant Perfect

beat wide kitchen pendant lighting ideas.
Beat Wide Pendant Light By Tom Dixon – Image Via @destinationeichler

A large contemporary kitchen can benefit from the warm downlighting provided by two rustic pendants hung above either end of an island. A metallic two-toned shade will complement your decor and add style to your space. Supplement this ambient lighting with under cabinet mounted lights to provide illumination for kitchen tasks.

White Light

Kitchen Chandelier Lighting Ideas
Mini Ella Pendant Light from Tech Lighting

A large kitchen that blends seamlessly with a dining area calls for different, yet cohesive, types of lighting. Choose to install pendants over the dining table and island that share similar characteristics, such as color of finish or shape. For layered lighting and better illumination for tasks, add under cabinet mounted fixtures.

The Right Track

Piper Pendant Light from Tech Lighting

A large kitchen can be a great place to experiment with a combination of pendants and track lighting. Add track lighting across the expanse of the space to ensure adequate ambient lighting. Offset the functional track lighting with stylish pendants over the island and sink for perfect layered lighting.

Turn on the Charm

Linear Suspension lighting for large kitchens.
Braelyn Linear Suspension Light By Kichler

Add rustic charm to your large kitchen with a modern linear suspension light over an island that blends modern and industrial styles seamlessly. Look for one with multiple light sources for pleasant ambient lighting. Consider installing recessed lights and wall sconces to ensure adequate illumination for your space.

Warmed Up

drum chandelier in large, open kitchen.
Linara Chandelier By Kichler

For a cohesive style in your large kitchen, install pendant lights that all have slatted shades and the same metallic finish. A larger chandelier over the dining table and a grouping of smaller pendants over the island are sure to provide warm ambient illumination and a style that pulls the space together.

Large ceiling lights are a great choice in a spacious kitchen, especially over an island or eat-in dining table. Large pendants or large chandeliers are sure to amp up the style of your space and add ambient light for this busy space. For perfect layered lighting, task lighting can be added by installing under cabinet mounted lights in any work area. For more YLighting ideas, see our Kitchen Lighting Ideas.

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