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Re-imagining Switches, Dimmers and Outlets with Legrand adorne®

To say there’s been a renaissance in modern light switches is putting it lightly. And the Legrand adorne® collection has been leading the way. Late to the renaissance? Take heart – replacing your existing light switches and outlets is an easy weekend project. In fact, most adorne® switches, dimmers and outlets fit in your existing electrical boxes so you won’t need any new wiring. And like most revivals, the results will bring a renewed appreciation of your home’s aesthetics and improved energy efficiency and functionality, which is always satisfying.

If it all seems too scary, put your worries aside. When we talk gangs we’re referring to the number of switches or outlets in a wall plate. Here’s a look at some smart and stylish configurations for your home:


Legrand adorne® Whisper Dimmer 1-gang | YLighting
adorne® Whisper Dimmer

A one-gang switch doesn’t have to hold a traditional toggle switch as you are about to see. If you’ve been taking a dim view of your modern dining room’s dimmer switch, you’ll love the classic lines and whisper-soft operation of the Whisper Dimmer . Along with setting lights to the perfect ambience, the right wall plate can really raise the warmth factor in any room.

Legrand adorne Tamper Resistant Outlet, 2-Module 1-gang | YLighting
Left: adorne Tamper Resistant Dual Controlled Outlet; Right: adorne Tamper Resistant Outlet

Whether it’s for a hairdryer in the bathroom or lamps in the sitting room, most homes have one or more outlet plugs in each room. The typical one gang outlet has a duplex receptacle so you can plug in two items. Problems occur when you have two hefty sized items plugged in together- often unplugging one means unplugging both. Strategic placement of the receptacles and no unsightly screws makes this an elegant trade-off.


Legrand adorne Touch Switch 2-gang | YLighting
adorne® Touch Switch

Combine the versatility of adorne 2-gang switches with the sleek, sophisticated wall plate selections and you’re starting to see how easy it is to customize wall switches to suit any room. Here we’re looking at the 2-Gang Touch switch. Touch switches have a glass face and operate just like an iPod, with a circle that you press to turn lights on or off. In this configuration you can have a light switch paired with a dimmer.

Legrand adorne Pop-Out Outlet, 2-Gang | YLighting
adorne 2-Gang Pop-Out Outlet

The 2- gang version of the adorne® Pop-out Outlet includes one outlet with the capacity for three plugs. A 2-gang frame allows you to pair it with a switch, dimmer, another outlet or two adorne® USB outlets that feature a unique shutter system that prevents children from inserting foreign objects into them. To use, simply push on the box and the outlet pops out. When you’re done, you push it back in so it remains flush with the wall. Replacement tip: The most common outlet in a home is a 15A outlet which needs a 14 gauge wire or larger. If in doubt, go with a 15A outlet.


Legrand adorne® Hubbardton® Forge Mahogany 3-Gang Wall Plate with Whisper Dimmer Switch and Paddle Switch | YLighting
adorne® Hubbardton Forge Mahogany 3-Gang Wall Plate with adorne® Whisper Dimmer Switch and adorne® 1-Module Paddle Switch

When it comes to matching lighting to the mood, the Whisper Dimmer Switch goes a long way. In a dining room you might have a chandelier and some wall sconces. When you want the option of dimming one or more lights, the 3-gang switch with dimmers is the perfect solution. Here’s a tip for choosing a dimmer switch for a chandelier:  adorne® dimmers are available in 700 watt and 1100 watt. To match your bulb wattage to your dimmer switch, multiply the number of bulbs by their wattage. So, if you have a chandelier with 11 bulbs at 100 watts each, you would need an 1100 watt dimmer switch.

Legrand adorne sofTap Switch, 3-Gang Configuration | YLighting
adorne® Touch Switch
adorne® Hubbardton Forge® 3-Gang Wall Plate with adorne® sofTap Dimmer Switch, adorne 2-Module Paddle Switch and adorne® 2-Module Tamper Resistant Outlet | YLighting
adorne® Hubbardton Forge 3-Gang Wall Plate with adorne® sofTap Dimmer Switch, adorne® 2-Module Paddle Switch and adorne® 2-Module Tamper Resistant Outlet

When it comes to plugging in some creativity, adorne gives you flexibility in arranging your wall plates. A 3-gang wall plate can include an outlet and two switches or an outlet, a USB port and a light switch. Plus the adorne® ½ size USB outlets give you flexibility in arranging a wall plate, where you might need 2 USB ports and one outlet.


adorne Whisper Switch from Legrand 4-Gang Set | YLighting
adorne® Whisper Switch and Hubbardton Forge Burnished Steel Wall Plate, 4-Gang

For instant appeal you can’t go wrong with the Hubbardton Forge burnished steel, 4-Gang Wall Plate. Handcrafted from real metals and shown here with Whisper switches in magnesium, this sophisticated wall plate will complement many wall colors and décor styles.

Legrand adorne Hubbardton Forge Wall Plates, 4-Gang | YLighting
adorne® Hubbardton Forge Wall Plate, 4-Gang in Bronze with adorne® Whisper Switches and adorne® Tamper Resistant 2-Module Outlet

Kitchens call for more lighting control and outlet options. While you might have plenty of ambient lighting overhead, many times addition lighting under cupboards and over working spaces is a bonus. And of course, that extra outlet for Sundays, when the waffle maker comes out. Here is another Hubbardton Forge example that shows contrasting wall plates can really make a statement.

This weekend why not take some time re-imagining your favorite spaces with efficient, functional light switches and outlets. Along with innovative technology, adorne® wall plates come in a palette of 32 classy colors, luxurious metals and natural wood materials. You’ll find the right fit for every room.

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