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Living Room Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas

A living room with low ceilings poses unique challenges, but fear not. With the right placement and design, anything from pendants to wall sconces to low profile ceiling fans are possible. Make sure that you choose lights that match your overall aesthetic and are proportional to your space or create a suitable grouping of multiple smaller lights. As always, don’t forget the importance of layering light when deciding on your overall lighting scheme.

Group Effort

Glas cluster pendant lights for low ceilings
Woodstock Pendant Light By Simon Pearce

Pendant lights are a surprisingly great choice for low ceiling living rooms. For a smaller space, a single pendant can be a nice artistic touch, but for a more contemporary look, group multiple pendants in a multi-level installation. Choosing clear pendants and unique light bulbs will make this grouping a true focal point of the room.

Modern Metals

end table living room lamp
Laito Gentle Table Lamp By Seed Design

Task lighting, especially for reading, is important in a living room. Consider a stylish table lamp that adjusts to shine light exactly where it is needed. Choose one with contrasting details, such as metallic accents and a black finish, for a modern touch.

Keeping a Low Profile

led flush mount living room lighting.
Zeo Round LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Kichler

Flush mount lights are a great choice when your living room ceilings are on the low side. For a modern look, choose modern low profile lights like circular flush mount fixtures with metallic accents that match the rest of your furniture. Place several lights in a line to ensure adequate lighting for your space.

In the Corner

living room low ceiling globe pendant light
Patera Pendant Light from Louis Poulsen

Another option for hanging pendant lights in a room with 7-foot ceilings is placing the light in a corner behind a seating arrangement to provide ambient light for conversations without blocking anyone’s view. Choose a pendant that throws light in all directions for the best results.

Foolproof Floor Lamps

low ceiling living room floor lamp
Nelson Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp from Nelson Bubble Lamps

Living rooms with 7-foot ceilings are the perfect place to experiment with interesting floor lamps. A great way to use floor lamps is either in a corner or on either end of a sofa. This is an unobtrusive way to ensure warm illumination, especially with a beautiful lamp shade helping to diffuse light.

Invitation to Relax

Nelson bubble pendant for living room
Nelson Ball Crisscross Bubble Pendant from Nelson Bubble Lamps

Create a warm mood with softly diffused light from a white spherical pendant. Create an inviting space to lounge, read, or relax in by placing it over a settee or bench. Just be sure to allow for adequate clearance over the piece of furniture.

Optimal Illusion

living room 3 light pendant lights
Moai Pendant Light By Seed Design

Create the illusion of higher ceilings with a grouping of three or more pendants that throw light down as well as around the whole room. Arrange the fixtures in a linear way at different heights for a unique, contemporary feel. If they are over a table, consider adding dimmers to have full control over the mood of the illumination.

Functional Floor Lamps

living room black fabric floor lamps
Antares Floor Lamp from Pantone Lighting

Placing floor lamps to the rear of a comfortable chair will allow task lighting for that particular seat, but also warm ambient lighting for the rest of the room. This is a great option if the arrangement of furniture prevents the use of pendant lighting. Complement the style of your room with a shade in an unexpected color.

Nice Nook

large living room floor lamp
Filigree Floor Lamp from Moooi

Create an interesting and inviting reading nook with some overstuffed chairs and a designer floor lamp. Instead of a floor lamp that directs light downward, look for one with a large semi-transparent shade that diffuses light in all directions for a sun-like feel.

Artistic Flare

low ceiling living room pendant ideas
Pendant 172 By Le Klint

Even living rooms with low ceilings can benefit from the added flare of a sculptural pendant. Just be sure to hang it so that it isn’t in a walking path, and don’t be afraid to hang two or more in a linear arrangement to illuminate a longer living room.

Flexible and Functional

low ceiling living room arc lamp
Twiggy Floor Lamp from Foscarini

For the feel of a pendant light but with more layout options, choose a floor lamp that curves out from its base and is height adjustable. This is an especially good option if you want more flexible positioning for your living room.

Comfy Corner

low ceiling living room chandeliers
Gigi FR343 Chandelier By Fredrick Ramond

Create a cozy conversation area with perfect downlighting by hanging a contemporary chandelier and adding some floor pillows to a corner of your living room. Find a chandelier with a drum that matches the overall aesthetic of your home for an artistic touch and beautiful illumination.

Mid-century Feel

low ceiling living room semi flush mount lighting
Collier Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

Another great option for low-ceiling living rooms is a semi flush mount fixture. This will provide the illusion of height to your ceiling while still providing ample illumination for your space. For a mid-century touch, choose a fixture with a simple geometric design and brass accents. A dimmer is a good addition so always you have the perfect amount of light no matter the need.

Stylish Sconces

low ceiling living room wall sconces
Emilie Wall Sconce By Fredrick Ramond

Don’t forget about matching wall sconces when considering lighting for a low-ceiling living room. The ideal placement for sconces is on either end of a sofa which provides anchors for the room and the perfect amount of ambient lighting.

Stylish Variation

living room flush mount lighting for low ceilings
Djembe 2C LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Marset

For an unexpected touch, arrange three or more large LED flush mount lights in a close grouping. Increase the drama by varying the colors of the fixtures and choosing ones that have a bell shape that directs light downward while also reflecting off the shade for beautiful ambient illumination.

Central Figure

flush mount ceiling light for low ceilings
Plura Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Cerno

When choosing lighting for a low-ceiling living room, an option that shouldn’t be ignored is a low profile flush mounted fixture An option for a flush mount light in a low-ceiling living room is minimalist circular fixture. Choose one with a frosted diffuser to create soft ambient lighting perfect for relaxing, conversing, and reading. If the size of the light is proportional to your space, consider opting for a single fixture placed centrally in the seating area.

Modernly Monochromatic

led semi flush living room lighting
Manhattan LED Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light By dweLED

Go for a fully modern aesthetic in your living room by decorating with a monochromatic scheme, including your lights. For low ceilings choose a cylindrical semi-flush mount fixture for evenly diffused ambient light. Add a dimmer for even more control of the light temperature.

Sleek Ceiling Fans

flush ceiling fans for low ceilings
Hugh Ceiling Fan By Fanimation Fans

If your living room has 7-foot ceilings, choose low profile fixtures to give the illusion of more height. A great option is a hugger ceiling fan in with a sleek silhouette in a finish that complements your decor. Not only will this add ambient light to your living room, but it will also provide airflow for better air circulation.

Add some excitement in your low ceiling living room with unexpected lighting choices. Semi flush and flush mount lights are always a great choice but don’t be afraid to use well-placed pendants or hugger ceiling fans that complement the style of your space or to create cozy conversation nooks with interesting floor lamps.

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