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Living Room Shelving and Bookcase Ideas

In today’s modern living room, shelving and bookcases are more than just storage. They’re opportunities to add another element of design to your living room, display your worldly curios and, perhaps, a place to keep books. To help you wade through the variety of shelving options out there, ranging from built-ins to floating shelves to room-dividers, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide.

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If you think modern bookshelves were only meant to house books, then you obviously haven’t flipped through Instagram or Pinterest or a design magazine lately. Not only has the “shelfie” trend taken hold, people living more efficiently in smaller spaces means their storage space and what they store in it–often on display—has to be just as well-designed as the rest of their place. Everything from art, to pottery, to plants, to books and more end up on these shelves. So you’ll want something that fits all of those things as well as your style.


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Sarah Schaale

Sarah Schaale

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