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Living Room Track Lighting Lighting Ideas

Track lighting is a great option for the living room, thanks to its functionality and versatility. If you want to elevate the lighting experience of your living room all you have to do is install a track and pair it with the right track heads. Track heads are typically used for for task or accent lighting, while track pendants are commonly used for ambient illumination (and not a likely choice for the living room). If you are looking for track lighting ideas for the living room, get some inspiration from these clever concepts and designs.

Look for a Ready-Made Design

Living room track lighting doesn’t have to be a hassle. Some track lights come ready to install with a short track and compatible heads. Look for set ups with adjustable tracks so you can position ambient lighting to reach every corner of the living room.

Follow the Room Outline

If you have a rectangular living room, all you have to do is set up tracks on the ceiling along the perimeter of the room.. Once that is set up, you can simply pop track lighting heads where you need them: to provide accent lighting over the sofa, to highlight a piece of art, or over a favorite reading chair. Adjustable heads are well-suited for full room coverage since they be rotated as necessary.

Keep it Modern

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Track lighting can be as sleek and contemporary as your design sense. Brighten your living room without distraction and unnecessary clutter with a simple black track and matching track heads. A single track with adjustable track heads can provide more than enough ambient or task lighting to illuminate the moderately sized living room.

Try a Minimal + Subtle Look

Track lighting can easily blend into the existing living room décor by choosing the right palette and design. If your living room features white or gray walls, choose track lighting fixtures of a matching color tone so the system will mix in with the background, rather than stand out.

Track Lighting for Urban Style



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Whether you have a loft-style living room or want to incorporate a modern urban vibe into your space, track lighting is an excellent option. Run cylindrical track heads along exposed beams as this can accentuate high ceilings while adding the mark of contemporary style.

Adjustable Heads for Adjustable Functions



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Track light heads are made for task lighting. Place track fixtures over strategic areas of your living room including seating arrangements and entrances to maximize task lighting coverage. Direct the beam of light where illumination will be needed most, including directly over the sofa or angled toward the entryway.

Create Harmony with Architecture

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Track lights work splendidly even in living rooms with high beamed or angled ceilings. By running the tracks parallel to the beams, you can create a sense of visual harmony. If you have large windows, track lighting is perfect because it won’t block the natural light beaming into the space.

Connect Open-Concept Spaces

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Track lighting is perfect for living room with open floor concepts. You can keep your space feeling light and airy by running a track along the entire length of the open floor space, from the dining area or kitchen to the living room.

Embrace Track Lighting’s Versatility

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The beauty of track lighting is that is it versatile enough to work with many other types of lighting. Mix and match the lighting experience in your living room based on function, such as track lights along the corridor and a large pendant as the focal point of the seating arrangement.

Hidden Accent Lighting

If you want to add a little accent lighting to your space, cleverly positioned track lights might do just the trick. Place track lighting amid a low beam or reflected against a wall to offer a chance for mood lighting to shine through without taking up visual space in your room.

When choosing track lighting for the living room, you’ll need to decide if you need a straight or curved track. You’ll also want to make sure the track heads or pendants you select are compatible with your track system. Keep in mind that track lighting is just one of many ways you can transform your living room lighting, but it’s a great choice for creating multi-functional light throughout the space.

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