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Louis Poulsen’s Modern Spin on History: PH Septima + PH 2/1 Limited Edition

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer born out of the Scandinavian design tradition where form follows function and the belief in passionate craftsmanship that produces quality lighting. The company’s designs are tailored to reflect and support the rhythm of natural light. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light.

For over 100 years, Louis Poulsen has always sought, not only to design lamps, but also to shape light and create an atmosphere that makes people feel good, both in- and outdoors. In close partnership with designers, architects and other talents like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Øivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Oki Sato and Louise Campbell, they have established themselves as one of the key global suppliers of architectural and decorative lighting.

Poul Henningsen

The Design Legacy of Poul Henningsen
The origin of how Louis Poulsen shapes design and light can still be traced to Poul Henningsen’s three-shade system and his view on the dualities within design and light and by the concept of carrying the warm luminescence of the Scandinavian summer into the cool darkness of the Scandinavian winter.

In 1924, Poul Henningsen created his influential Paris lamp for Louis Poulsen, and the origin of how we still design to shape light can directly be traced back to his views on the dualities of design and light. Poul Henningsen’s pioneering work on the relations between light structures, shadows, glare, and color reproduction—compared to our need for light remains the foundation of the lighting theories still practiced by Louis Poulsen.

PH Septima Pendant by Louis Poulsen

The Return of the PH Septima
This fall, Louis Poulsen will be bringing back the PH Septima, a distinctive seven-shade glass lamp, originally designed by Poul Henningsen between 1927 and 1931. With its poetic shape and seven shades, all embellished with alternating clear and frosted sections, the PH Septima diffuses a pleasantly delicate light that sets the stage in any interior.

The PH Septima balances heritage and modernity in an exceptional design that draws inspiration from the iconic three-shade system of the PH 5/5. With the Septima, Henningsen added four sections to the basic three-shade system – to make seven shades in total. The seven shades of the glass crown are produced in delicate, but durable, Italian borosilicate glass. The shades are decorated with alternating clear and frosted sections that add a contemporary aesthetic edge while creating a warm and harmonious ambiance.
The glass shades, with their clear and frosted sections, are position-ed so that the frosted sections cover the clear sections underneath. This allows the layers to spread the light in a more diffused way while maintaining glare-free, downward-directed light distribution. A neat round glass cup at the top prevents dust from falling into the lamp.

PH 2/1 Limited Edition in Brass by Louis Poulsen

PH 2/1 Limited Edition
Additionally, the company is introducing Poul Henningsen’s iconic PH 2/1 Table Lamp in a Limited Edition with amber-colored glass. Henningsen originally designed the PH 2/1 Table Lamp in 1927, drawing on the principle of his reflective three-shade system, which he developed in 1926. The notable design of the shades is based on a logarithmic spiral, with the center of the light source placed within the spiral’s focal point to create soft, diffused, and glare-free lighting.

The triple-layer glass shades rest on a beautiful, lightly brushed brass frame, which references the original PH Table Lamp from 1927. The brass has been left untreated, allowing it to acquire a unique patina over time. Also made of brushed brass, the switch is located on the stem near the base, alongside a brown textile cord that com¬plements the exclusive design. Henningsen’s initials are beautifully and discreetly engraved beneath the lower glass shade.

The iconic PH 2/1 Table Lamp is made from beautiful, classic mate¬rials that fit effortlessly into both simple and eclectic interiors. With changing ways of living, where space is often limited, the table lamp speaks to a contemporary trend that celebrates a more functional use of space. Due to its small size, the PH 2/1 can be placed almost anywhere, like on a windowsill or atop a small table. It can be easily relocated within a compact home, allowing space to be used most effectively.

The Limited-Edition PH 2/1 Table Lamp will only be available until December 31st, 2020.


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