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Low Ceiling Lighting Ideas

You don’t have to have high, soaring ceilings to have great lighting options. There are many types of lights that work great for low ceiling rooms, including low profile ceiling lights, ceiling fans, flush mount and semi flush mount fixtures, pendants, and recessed lights. Your space and style can dictate which option is best for you, but make sure to include different layers of light for function and style. The right style and arrangement of fixtures can even give your ceilings the appearance of more height.

Cooling Off

modern low ceiling ceiling fan.
Ricasso Ceiling Fan By Craftmade Fans

A low profile ceiling fan is a great light fixture choice for low ceilings. Ceiling fans come in nearly every finish so look for one that complements the aesthetic of your room. Also, take into account the length of fan blades to make sure they are the right size for the dimensions of the room.

Romantic at Heart

flush mount low ceiling lighting ideas
Pascale Ceiling Light from Leucos Lighting

For a romantic feel in a room with low ceilings, look for a modern flush mount fixture that adds shine and antique character. Choose one that reflects light to help space feel bigger and that has intricate details that enhance the style of the room.

Vintage Cool

low ceiling table lamps
Original 1227 Mini Desk Lamp from Anglepoise

Nothing beats a functional and fun table lamp, especially in rooms that have a low ceiling and a retro vibe. Vintage desk lamps in a cool color are always an interesting choice and can provide great task lighting when placed near a couch.

Shine Bright

Nelson cigar lotus floor lamp low ceiling ideas
Nelson Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp from Nelson Bubble Lamps

If you’re on the hunt for light fixtures for low ceilings, a floor lamp is always a great choice. Instead of a traditional floor lamp with an opaque or fabric shade that directs light downward, look for one that has a translucent globe for light that is emitted in all directions.

Dual Threat

wall sconce for low ceilings
Tata Wall Sconce from Contardi Lighting

If your bedroom has low ceilings, consider using wall sconces on either side of your bed for task and ambient lighting. Choose a sconce that will provide up and downlighting to brighten up the room and give the appearance of higher ceilings.

Matching Pair

low ceiling pendant and table lamp ideas
Exos Double Shade Pendant Light By Hubbardton Forge

Another great way to illuminate a room with a low ceiling is to suspend a pendant light in a low traffic corner and offset it with a nearby table lamp. Choose a shaded pendant to avoid harsh direct light. Create a cohesive look by using the same metallic finishes and styles for the pendant and table lamp.

Light it Up

LED Kitchen flushmount lighting ideas
Cloud3 LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light from Blackjack Lighting

Sleek flush mount fixtures are a great way to illuminate any room with a low ceiling. Choose a fixture with multiple lights for spaces that require a lot of illumination, like a kitchen. You could even arrange multiple fixtures in a linear arrangement for a longer space.

Farmhouse Fab

modern low ceiling chandelier ideas
Fulton Foyer Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

For a rustic look, suspend open cage candelabra chandelier with bronze and black details. This is a great choice for a modern farmhouse vibe, especially with whitewash walls and ceiling and mostly white decor. Suspend multiple fixtures in a line for extra style.

Corner Space

large drum pendant light for low ceilings
Gigi FR343 Chandelier By Fredrick Ramond

Give your low-ceiling room some midcentury modern glam with a black and brass pendant light that will add beautiful up and downlighting. Suspend it in a corner and add some throw pillows and a cozy rug on the floor for an informal lounging space.


semi flush mount lighting ideas for low ceilings.
Collier Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

A semi flush mount fixture with an opal diffuser and brass accents is a great choice for a low ceiling room with a midcentury modern aesthetic. Opt for one with a simple design and a retro feel for timeless style.

Innovative Illumination

Low ceiling rooms are a great place to try out a sleek chandelier with a modern and innovative design. Features like positionable down rods and dimmable lights add convenience to any fixture and enhance the overall feel of your room.

Safety First

semi flush mount low ceiling kitchen lighting
Charlotte Foyer Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light By Hinkley Lighting

Semi flush mount fixtures are a great choice to use in a kitchen with a low ceiling. For great task lighting where you need it most, install two or more fixtures directly over an island for safer cutting, slicing, and food preparation.

Choice Combinations

low ceiling living room lighting ideas
Kina Pendant Light By David Trubridge – Image Via @paulandjostudio

Create the illusion of a larger room and higher ceilings by using a combination of recessed lights and a large woven pendant to draw the eye upward. Keep other wall decors at a minimum to keep the focus on the ceiling. This strategy works especially well in rooms with abundant natural light.

Natural Habitat

nelson bubble lamps for low ceiling homes
Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant from Nelson Bubble Lamps – Image Via @artycyn

Design a breakfast nook in a low ceilinged room by placing a single pendant light over a dining table. Keep a natural aesthetic by using a neutral pendant, choosing wooden accents for the table and chairs, and allowing ample sunlight through unadorned windows.

There are so many options for low ceiling rooms that you are sure to find something that will be perfect for your needs. Semi-flush mount fixtures are always a great choice, but so are recessed lights, ceiling fans, and pendants. You can even do a combination of several to ensure perfect layered lighting. For more YLighting ideas, see our Ceiling Lighting Ideas and Wall Lighting Ideas.

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