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Wall Lighting as Wall Art

These imaginative uses of wall lighting re-imagine the way light and art interplay. Blending the lines between form and function, these decorative wall lights offer versatility in numbers, taking on new shapes and forms that can be customized to fit the needs of any modern space. By arranging these sconces into dynamic compositions, any wall becomes a canvas upon which light art can be created.

Set from Vibia

A game of light and shadows, Set is a modular wall art sconce designed to decorate the wall with customized compositions of illuminated rectangular pieces. With 0-5 reflective blocks which can be rotated at will, this collection creates an unexpected juxtaposition of highlights and shadows, while preventing unnecessary glare. Whether positioned on the wall of a small room or a large hotel or entrance hall, Set provides dynamic lighting with a decorative purpose.

14s Wall Sconce from Bocci

The 14 Series sconces are visually quite subtle in and of themselves, but when arranged in a a cluster, these simple sconces take on an entirely new form. Each individual sconce is a cast glass half sphere with a frosted cylindrical void which houses a 10 watt xenon or 1.8 watt LED lamp. The light interacts with the imperfections and bubbles of the cast glass to make a visually rich halo of light. Cast glass is an organic process, imperfect by nature, ensuring each piece produced is unique with its own refractive properties.

Radient Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

Minimal and human, expressive yet subordinate. Pairing wood and metal in a geometrically reduced form is rooted in the iconic language of Rich, Brilliant, Willing. The Radient Wall Sconce features a solid wood accent with an acrylic lens and natural anodized aluminum base. Available in white oak, ebonized oak, walnut or white shades.

Wall Shadows Petit Wall Sconce from Nemo

Dynamic geometry, minimalist forms and warm LED lighting work together to compose SONNEMAN’s Architectural Wall Collection. These forward-thinking wall luminaries provide the perfect balance of ambient and indirect light, suitable for modern hospitality and commercial spaces.

Cubi Wall or Ceiling Light from Leucos

A simple glass cube with a strong personality, Cubi offers endless possibilities for artistic arrangements and installations. Perfect for clustering or composing geometric formations, these simple sconces are sure to become the focal point of any modern space.

Puck Wall Art from Vibia

Puck Wall Art is a warm, visually sharp hardwired wall sconce designed to be installed in a series or installation. Composed of two disks that provide geometrically creative indirect illumination, Puck’s design allows ambient light to escape without casting heavy shadows or a harsh glare. Puck is ideal for modern commercial or hospitality spaces, but is also suitable for setting the mood in modern homes and living areas.


Olga Gabris

Olga Gabris

Olga sees modern art and design as her sources of inspiration for everyday activities. She believes that chocolate and mascara are essential components of a happy life. Olga enjoys working in Merchandising at the Y and looks forward to reading, blogging, and painting various surfaces in the evening.

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