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Designer Spotlight: Michele de Lucchi of Artemide + Produizone Privata

The designs of Italian designer Michele de Lucchi have become icons of modern lighting. Designing for well known brands like Artemide and his own label Produizone Privata, Michele de Lucchi creates stunning award-winning creations that demand attention and spark inspiration.

MicheleDeLucchi | YLighting
Michele de Lucchi

Michele de Lucchi was born in Ferrara in 1951. He went on to graduate in 1975 from Florence, Italy in architecture. After moving to Milan in the late seventies thanks to his friendships with Ettore Sottsass and Alessandro Mendini, de Lucchi became one of the main activists for the designer group Memphis. The group was established by Ettore Sottsass and was a collective of Italian designers and architects creating radical pieces that utilized bright and lively colors. De Lucchi became a leading member of Memphis, where he was integral in the development of the movement.

Michele de Lucchi, Artemide + Produzione Privata |YLighting
Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp By Michele de Lucchi, from Artemide Lighting

In the late 80’s, Michele de Lucchi moved away from the Memphis Group and went on to create traditional designs, including the Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp, designed in 1987 for Artemide Lighting. Two years later, in 1989, de Lucchi’s design of the Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp received the Compasso d’Oro award for Italian industrial design, being credited for achieving the perfect harmony between engineering and design.

Michele de Lucchi, Artemide + Produzione Privata |YLighting
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp By Michele de Lucchi, from Artemide Lighting

Since its original design, the Artemide Tolomeo family has expanded beyond the original, to include various table, desk, floor, wall, track, and suspension lamps, as well as innovative LED models. The Tolomeo Collection has become synonymous with Artemide Lighting and serves as an icon for Michele de Lucchi himself.

Michele de Lucchi, Artemide + Produzione Privata |YLighting
Acquaparete Wall Light By Michele de Lucchi, from Produzione Privata

In 1990, Michele de Lucchi, alongside Sibylle Kricherer, created his Produzione Privata label. The label creates small series of de Lucchi’s designs, each exhibiting an exquisite level of craftsmanship and unique designs.

Michele de Lucchi, Artemide + Produzione Privata |YLighting
Chapeau Table Lamp By Michele de Lucchi, from Produzione Privata

Each of the modern lights from Produzione Privata are created using the “hands and mind,” forging simple designs that are innovative and well crafted.

Michele de Lucchi, Artemide + Produzione Privata|YLighting
Bonne Nuit Table Lamp By Michele de Lucchi, from Produzione Privata

The designs seem to show the true expression of Michele de Lucchi, showing off an innovation and expertise that has enveloped both Produzione Privata as well as Artemide.

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