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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Bathroom

Designing or redesigning your modern bathroom? Use lighting, bathroom accessories, and hardware to design for the better by avoiding these five common mistakes when designing your bathroom:

Go Big or Go Home

Free standing tub in modern bathroom.

I’m telling you now, bigger isn’t always better. When designing a new modern bathroom in your home it can be tempting to tip the scale a bit. Keep things in perspective. Remember that designing your bathroom is the time that you get to make things better by providing a more efficient bathroom that suits your lifestyle and household.

Awkward Bathroom Placement

Vanity cabinet for a modern bathroom..

Ever been in a home where the bathroom seems to be situated in a high-traffic area of the home? Give your guests the comfort of discretion by opting to not have your modern bathroom located directly off one of your home’s public rooms. Think kitchen, living room, dining room, you get the picture. The goal is to create a bit of separation from the bathroom and any main living areas. Not only is it awkward, but the view isn’t so pretty either.

Letting the Toilet Be the Star

class 5 modern toilet.

Speaking of awkward bathroom placement, can we talk about the toilet for a moment? Personally, I don’t think having the toilet front and center in a modern bathroom is flattering, not to mention it cuts down on privacy. The goal for your bathroom’s layout is to have the toilet out of the line of sight from any other room in the house when the door is open.

Not Bringing Natural Light In

vanity set in modern bathroom.

Dark bathrooms are a real drag. Take the opportunity of your modern bathroom redesign to let in a little natural light if you can. A window can cheer things up, make a small bathroom feel more open and comfortable, and fresh air helps with circulation. If putting in an outside-facing wall with windows is out of the cards for you, then consider adding an operable skylight instead.

Keeping a Curbed Shower

Modern Trendy Shower Tray for shower.
Trendy Shower Tray from Arblu

Designing your modern bathroom is the perfect opportunity for going for a curbless shower. Ditching the curb keeps your bathroom feeling open and gives it a clean look, not to mention you cut back on any tripping hazards.


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