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Modern Bath Rugs for the Guest Bathroom

Give your guests the best with a new modern bath rug. Replacing your old bath rug for a new modern one is an easy and stylish way to update your guest bathroom, by making it warm and inviting. There are plenty of styles and types of modern bath rugs to choose from, but which type will go well in your current guest bathroom is up to you.

Patterned Bath Rugs

contemporary and bright bath rug.

A patterned bath rug can add a lot of personality to a guest bathroom. A bath rug with a pattern that can hide stains is great for when you don’t have time to wash the rug beforehand and is great for when unexpected guests come to visit.

Bright, Solid Colored Bath Mats

Bright, Solid blue Colored Bath Mats

If a patterned rug is just too busy for your guest bathroom, but you’re still looking to add some interest and cheer, one that is a bright solid color will add the pop that you need. Go for a bright shade that can work as an accent color so as not to overwhelm the space.

Turkish Cotton Bath Rugs

thick and comfortable bath mat.

If pampering your guests with luxurious touches is at the top of your list, then consider adding a bath rug that’s made out of 100% Turkish cotton. Turkish cotton is unbelievably soft and absorbs water better than your run of the mill cotton. Try a modern rug in a soft neutral color to spark a spa-like experience for your guests.

Round Bath Mats

round and stylish flower design bath rug.

Add interest to your guest bathroom with a round bath mat. The varied shape fills up a square bathroom well to help contain water and keep it off tiled floors.

Organic Cotton Bath Mats

cotton bath rugs in multiple colors.

Treat your guests to the luxury of organic cotton. Just as soft and plush as the rest, an organic bath mat is perfect for finishing off an Eco-friendly guest bathroom.

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