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Modern Design Icons: Agnes Chandelier From Roll+Hill

The Agnes Chandelier has become an icon of modern lighting. Its elegant and brazen design tells a story of times gone by and reimagined for today. We’re shinning the spotlight on the Agnes Chandelier today to discover what makes Agnes, Agnes.

The Story Behind

Roll and Hill Agnes Chandelier 14 lights | YLighting Modern Design Icons
Agnes Chandelier – 14 Light By Lindsey Adams Adelman, from Roll and Hill

The Agnes Chandelier was designed by Lindsey Adams Adelman in 2010. For Lindsey, her work traces the line between the hand-crafted and the machine made, the sensual and the practical, and the feminine with the masculine. These attributing factors are what define Agnes. The inspiration for Agnes came from a fictional heroine of the same name. Her story takes place during the 1849 California Gold Rush, working in the world’s oldest profession at that time. Rather than take on the roles expected of her, Agnes breaks the mold, choosing the fierce independence and transient lifestyle of the frontier.

Modular Design

Anges Chandelier Custom Configuration (Bronze/Straight-cut glass) - 19th Street, New York | YLighting Modern Design Icons
Custom Configuration (Bronze/Straight-cut glass) – 19th Street, New York

While Agnes was originally conceived as a candelabra, the end result yielded a magnificent chandelier. Where the candles would be, there are glowing glass tubes instead. Although Agnes appears to be fixed, it actually features articulated joints. Thus, allowing movement and the ability to change the appearance. Agnes can take on a church-like look with the tubes set completely vertical. But, when set at an angle, Agnes becomes a whimsical chandelier. Agnes is available in a 6 light, 10 light configurations as well as a 14 light. But Agnes allows room for customizing of size and style.


Roll and Hill Agnes Chandlier Custom Configuration (Brushed brass/Straight-cut glass) | YLighting Modern Design Icons
Custom Configuration (Brushed brass/Straight-cut glass)

Agnes is completely customizable. Available in four finishes of bronze, black, brushed brass, and polished nickel, Agnes can take on numerous looks. As for the glass diffusers, choose between the standard cylinders or an angle cut glass for even more drama. Beyond finish and glass, Agnes is capable of custom configurations beyond your wildest dreams. Whether it’s as simple as adding just a few more lights, or a dramatic 40 light configuration, Agnes has no limits. To further customize, Agnes is available with either E17 incandescent, G9 Halogen, or G9 LED lamping options.

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