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Gift Guide: Not Your Ordinary Table Lamps

I’m a sucker for out-of-the-ordinary lighting. Bold, beautiful, and a bit brash, these unique table lamps make for great modern gifts for the offbeat wisher on your holiday shopping list. I’ve rounded up some exciting table and desk lamps that have become classics in modern lighting. Here’s my list of out-of-the-ordinary table lamps:

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Eos Tripod Table Lamp from Vita Lighting

Light as a feather, the Eos Tripod Table Lamp from Vita Lighting is dreamy and . The downy soft shade exudes warmth and gives off an air of sophisticated whimsy.

Modern Gifts|YLighting
Superordinate Antler Table Lamp from Roll and Hill

I like the idea of using antlers in all of my holiday decorating, but I think I’d leave this lamp up all year round. The Roll and Hill Superordinate Antler Table Lamp is chic, unique, and downright fun. I love how the light is an extension of the antler, like it’s totally normal for an incandescent lamp to be growing out of the end of a ceramic antler.

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Copycat Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting

You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. And the Copycat Table Lamp from FLOS Lighting  is oh-so flattering. This table lamp has a few of my favorite things: metallic, soft diffused light, and a minimalist design. A large glass globe emits warm dimmable light while the accent sphere reflects the glow in its gilded surface.

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Cactus Prisma XS Table Lamp from SLAMP

If you’re looking for modern gifts with a twist, the Cactus Prisma XS Table Lamp from SLAMP is a safe a bet. I’m drawn to this lamp’s modernized take on the desert plant, and how the jagged pieces catch the light when illuminated. It would be best planted on a desk or a bedside table for some soft ambient light.

Modern Gifts|YLighting
Little Bang Table Lamp from Stickbulb

This fixture is definitely making it’s way onto my Christmas list. The Stickbulb Little Bang Table Lamp is a marvel of wood and light. Abstract in design and eco-friendly in construction, the integration of the LED lights into the reclaimed wood is seamless. I’m drawn to the playfulness of this table lamp, and the minimalist lines that remind me of a starburst.

Ashlee Coogan

Ashlee Coogan

Ashlee Coogan is a Site Merchandiser for YLighting. Ashlee calls the East Bay home and is usually found in the California sun enjoying brunch with her schnoodle. With a great appreciation for glamorous, modern design, she continues on her forever pursuit of perfect gold accent pieces to incorporate into her home décor or fashion.

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