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Modern Landscapes That Will Make You Rethink Curb Appeal

The weather is getting warmer, and as we head further into the spring and summer seasons, it’s a great time to start thinking about upping your curb appeal game. These eye-catching and unusual front yard landscapes differ from the more “traditional” concepts, which is a good thing when you want your house to stand out.

modern front yard with rocks and succulents.
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This front yard may be small, but it is mighty when it comes to modern landscape design. By placing a few planters and a dramatic wooden bridge, it displays a beautiful, clean and contemporary look. The rocks and pebbles not only conserve water but add touches of white to highlight the plants’ green hues–a double bonus for this chic little house.

Modern stepping stone front yard landscape.
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Instead of the standard front lawn, slabs of concrete surrounded by black rocks give this front yard clean lines and a unique grid pattern. Paired with greenery and smart placement of outdoor lighting creates a beautiful contrast of concrete and nature. Adding landscape lighting, like LED 12V Linear Path Lights from WAC Lighting increases curb appeal while lighting the way for guests.

modern side yard landscaping.
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This house is impressive with its modern design…but let’s not overlook the spectacular landscaping here. Just because a house is on a hill, doesn’t mean you have to stick with traditional terraces. The expansion of lawn cascading down the steps is a clever way to extend the greenery in this yard, while still allowing the modern lines and structure of a terrace shine.

mdoern front yard with large driveway.
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If your home doesn’t have much area to landscape in the front due to a large driveway, you can still add curb appeal. Instead of the common slab of cement for a driveway, consider getting creative with a stone-paved driveway. Paneled gates and a modern garage door with fogged glass add interest and touches of color. Add some greenery to complement the paved areas with large modern outdoor planters, like the English Planter from Seasonal Living.

modern landscaping with lush trees.
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Playoff the texture in large trees out front by going for a more rustic, modern look. Incorporate natural stone textures, greenery, and warm wooden accents to act as supporting landscaping to prominent trees. Consider some modern outdoor wall sconces that contain wood material, like the Lab Outdoor Wall Sconce from Marset to brighten up the front porch.

modern minimal front yard landscape.
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Adding a low wall to the front of your home separates it from the street, provides some privacy, and creates a unique path to the front door. Combine this concept with bold planting and elegant wall lighting (like the Ledgewood Small Outdoor Wall Light from Hinkley Lighting) that beckons visitors, and you have created stunning, modern curb appeal.

From small front yards to large lots, updating your landscaping with a fresh and modern aesthetic is a great way to increase curb appeal and set your home apart from the rest. Not to mention, you will have created an inviting experience as visitors make their way to your front door.

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