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Modern LED Bedside Lighting by Cerno

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For some of us, the bedside table is a catch all for everything from an alarm clock to a lamp. It can be hard to rein in the clutter let alone provide a space for functional lighting. Fortunately, California based Cerno has a range of LED bedside lighting in smart, task-centric designs. With a maxim of function before fashion, the talented lighting team took a good, long rational look at modern bedside lighting and found several stylish solutions.

The Cerno line combines black walnut wood with recyclable aluminum arms and light-diffusing polymer shades for a cohesive collection with a beautiful modern aesthetic. All designs are proudly manufactured in-house at Cerno’s shop in southern California.


Necessity is the mother of invention and as the story goes, Cerno began this project to fill a personal need of founder Daniel Wacholder. As a night owl, Dan enjoyed reading in bed but the light often bothered his wife. The team crafted the Cubo LED bedside sconce and reading light to provide both general and focused task lighting. Exemplifying minimalist restraint, the award winning design features a striking American walnut base juxtaposed with a white rectangular polymer shade and aluminum arm. Designed for use on either side of the bed, the user simply slides the arm and LED light out from behind the shade to read. It has full arm and head articulation, making it easy to zero in on your book or laptop without lighting up the other side of the bed.


The attractive Levo wall sconce features an ambient light as well as a swing out light for reading. A dynamic design, the user can use both lights at the same time or independently. Use the dimmer switch to set the sconce to the lighting level of your choice. Simple to use and intuitive, the swing out reading light automatically turns on once you swing it out and off when placed back into position. Showcasing the line’s signature aluminum, polymer and walnut wood aesthetic, the wall light includes a handmade LED reading light and includes a USB charger so you can charge your devices while you sleep. Perfect for bedside or chairside, the Levo wall sconce is an ideal reading companion.


If a clutter-free bedside table is what you’re after, the versatile, streamlined Libri takes minimalism and function to the wall. Simply pull out the articulated arm to turn it on and place it back against the wall to turn it off. Designed to be small and discrete, the LED light delivers bright, directional task lighting right where you need it. It comes with several mounting options, including a direct mount to a headboard or have it wall mounted on a stunning American walnut or brushed aluminum backplate.


A discussion about bedside lighting is hardly complete without at least one table lamp and the Macto LED Table Lamp is definitely worth looking into. Adhering to the same heirloom quality and modern aesthetics of Cerno bedside sconces, it features a solid rectangular walnut base that takes up minimal surface space. An easy access switch located at the top of the base controls the light brightness up for reading or down for ambience and the brushed aluminum arm offers great reach and light head articulation. Designed for use on a nightstand or desk, the arm has a 17-inch reach while the base in only 3.5 inches wide. The clever design is sleek, modern and perfect for ending the day with a good book.

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Cerno was founded in 2009 by Bret Englander, Daniel Wacholder and Nick Sheridan out of their love for designing and building things. Their passion for design and manufacturing is fueled by a shared belief in the infinite power of human creativity. Each finished product that Cerno produces is a celebration of the inventive minds and industrious hands that brought it to life. Their core values and aesthetic ideals are a product of their home town of Laguna Beach, which is known for its creative culture and natural environment.