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Modern Lighting: Mix Metals

Mix metals in shining copper, chrome, and gold make for drool worthy modern lighting. Hang these luxurious lights as a metallic treat in your home. I may treat myself to one or two of these modern metallic pieces.

Orient Pendant Light from Lightyears|YLighting

Orient Pendant Light from Lightyears

The iconic shape of the Orient Pendant Light from Lightyears has remained the same since its original design in 1963. The copper construction is subdued, making this guy a great option if you’re looking for something more subtle rather than flashy.

Beat Light from Tom Dixon Lighting|YLighting

LED Wide Beat Light from Tom Dixon

For a golden accent, the Beat Light from Tom Dixon in white has just enough shine. The gold hammered underside adds a touch of bright metal, without being too over the top.

Etch Shade Pendant By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon|YLighting

Etch Shade Pendant from Tom Dixon

If you’re like me, then there’s no such thing as too much silver and gold. The Etch Shade Pendant from Tom Dixon puts on quite a show once illuminated. Grab it in brass, copper, or silver to go with your décor.

Precious FL:Y Suspension Lamp By Ferruccio Laviani, from Kartell|YLighting

Precious FL/Y Suspension Lamp from Kartell

Modern lighting goes retro-glam with the super metallic Precious FL/Y Suspension Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, from Kartell. These metallic pendants shine in reflective gold, copper, and chrome finishes. This pendant can hang solo but really sparkles when grouped together in mixed metals.

Duane Pendant Light from Menu A:S|YLighting

Duane Pendant Light from Menu A/S

Modern and unique, the Menu A/S Duane Pendant Light has a throwback look that’s absolutely chic. The exposed bulb allows the brass interior to shine and gives off a warm light.

Tools Trimless Eyeball 5.5 Inch Recessed Light from Fabbian|YLighting

Tools Trimless Eyeball 5.5 Inch Recessed Light from Fabbian

Who says recessed lighting can’t shine? The Tools Trimless Eyeball 5.5 Inch Recessed Light from Fabbian in copper is dazzling. With its unique shape and innovative design, you may want to replace all of your recessed lighting now.

Veli Metallic Large Suspension Light By Adriano Rachele, from SLAMP|YLighting

Veli Metallic Large Suspension Light from SLAMP

Adriano Rachele has created an opulent pendant that gathers attention, even when it’s not lit. But once the Veli Metallic Large Suspension Light from SLAMP is on, it creates a glow that’s flashier than the tinsel on your Christmas tree.

T-2995 Siso Pendant Light from Estiluz Lighting|YLighting

T-2995 Siso Pendant Light from Estiluz Lighting

The T-2995 Siso Pendant Light from Estiluz Lighting has a contemporary aesthetic. The metallic rings orbiting the glass shade add a futuristic element. It hangs well over a dining room table.

Tank Light - Plated from Castor Design|YLighting

Tank Light – Plated from Castor Design

Would you ever guess that these pendant lights are made from recycled fire extinguishers? The Tank Light from Castor Design is plated in dripping metallic finishes. We absolutely love the use of reclaimed materials made chic.

Capella Pendant Light By Filipe Lisboa, from Viso|YLighting

Capella Pendant Light from Viso

Reflect the world around you in the mirrored sides of the Capella Pendant Light by Filipe Lisboa, from Viso. Light shines off of the metallic surface and creates beautiful reflections.

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