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Modern Lighting Through the Eyes of a Star Wars Fanatic

Today is Star Wars Day. I’m a Star Wars fanatic, and as a true fan of the franchise, I can’t help but see a little bit from that galaxy far, far away all around me, and modern lighting is no exception. Warning: There are high levels of nerd in this post. In celebration of Star Wars Day, I’ve rounded up, and geeked out on, some modern lights that are reminiscent of beloved Star Wars icons from the films.

TIE Fighter:

Swirl LED Pendant Light from Blackjack Lighting

While these modern lights may not make that familiar whirring sound as they race through the galaxy, the Swirl LED Pendant Light from Blackjack Lighting is reminiscent of the shape of the lines on the wings of the TIE Fighter.

Death Star (A New Hope): 

Supernova Pendant Light from Foscarini

Like the Death Star, the Foscarini Supernova Pendant Light is no moon, but it’s more than a pillbox, I really hope you got those references. The aluminum rings on this pendant light really seem to emulate the shape of the Empire’s Imperial battle station as you see it coming into view from the depths of space in Episode IV: A New Hope. It even has that little circular indent where the super laser focus lens is housed!

Death Star (Return of the Jedi):

Scopas Pendant Light from Artemide Lighting

In the opening scene of Return of the Jedi, an Imperial Fighter is steadily making its way toward a pieced together Death Star. The minimal design of the Artemide Lighting Scopas Pendant Light totally captures the incomplete, but fully operational battle station.

Death Star (as it blows up):

Zabriskie Point Suspension Light from Vetreria DeMajo

Doesn’t the Vetreria DeMajo Zabriskie Point Suspension Light look like the Death Star as it exploded just moments after Luke shot his proton torpedoes into the reactor? The abstract design of the glass pieces bursting apart really capture that moment, a suspension of light and time.

Storm Trooper:

Zuri Pendant Light from LBL Lighting

The dented and smoked glass of the Zuri Pendant Light from LBL Lighting reminds me of a Storm Trooper’s armor after a run in with a Wookie, it’s never wise upsetting a Wookie you know.

Light Saber:

Induction Tube Light from Castor Design

The light saber seems like it was made to be a lighting fixture and the Induction Tube Light from Castor Design carries the same lines of the iconic Jedi weapon into it’s design. While this lamp probably doesn’t use light saber crystals, this modern light uses it’s own fancy magnetic field to produce a beam of light.


Jedi 18in Outdoor Wall Light from Modern Forms

There is no mistake that the Jedi 18in Outdoor Wall Light from Modern Forms looks like a modern Light Saber turned wall sconce. I mean it has JEDI in the name!

Cloud City:

Rio Multipoint 5 Light Chandelier from Jonathan Adler

Suspended high above the ground, the globes on Jonathan Adler’s Rio Multipoint 5 Light Chandelier are reminiscent of the floating metropolis Cloud City.

Imperial Star Destroyer Exhaust:

Delta IV Pendant from Rich Brilliant Willing

Jumping to hyper speed is just a light switch away with the Delta IV Pendant from Rich Brilliant Willing. Only a true fanatic would see this pendant for what it truly is, the exhaust to an Imperial Star Destroyer, of course.

Battle Droid:

St. Germain Table Lamp from Jonathan Adler

The shining St. Germain Table Lamp from Jonathan Adler probably won’t ask you to drop your weapons, but the rigid structure of this modern lamp reminds me of the body of a battle droid (Roger Roger). Though now that I’m looking at it, the shining gold does remind me of C3PO as well.


Avance 8062 Table Lamp from Lamp International

The soldered metal circles on the Lamp International Avance 8062 Table Lamp look like a glowing asteroid floating through space, and a great place to hide while you fix your hyper speed. Just beware of giant worms!

Queen Amidala:

Lizzy Table Lamp from Lights Up

Elegant, with a geometric simplicity, the Lizzy Table Lamp from Lights Up reminds me of Queen Amidala’s stately royal garb. The wide red shade, sleek black vase, and the two on/off  pull switches are like a minimal take on her iconic wardrobe.

Darth Vader:

Funghi M GR Table Lamp from Metalarte

I’ve saved the best for last, because Darth Vader is the ultimate Star Wars figure. How similar does the Metalarte Funghi M GR Table Lamp look to Lord Vader’s sleek black helmet? You won’t underestimate the power of the dark side, though maybe you will, since this is a lamp after all.

Note: This article has been updated from it’s original post date of December 2, 2015 in celebration of Star Wars Day.

Justin Mayo

Justin Mayo

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