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Modern Walls: Put a Shelf on It

Bare walls are just dying to be personalized, and with the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to put stuff up on your walls and make your house feel more like a home when company arrives. Take a look at a few of our modern wall decorating ideas for every room. No room needs to miss out on this functional furniture piece, the modern shelf. So for your shelving pleasure, here are 9 modern shelves that will look great in any room in the house, though I have some ideas of where they would be best suited.

Modern Wall Decorations By The Front Door

modern front door shelves.

I love the fresh and clean look that nods at nature, and the Palm Shelf from Eastvold Furniture does just that. The combination of wooden shelves and steel bar is a minimalist representation of a tree and its branches. The tall and narrow design is compact enough to sit alongside the front door to add wall appeal in an often-neglected space.

Contemporary Wall Shelves In the Media Room

modern storage shelves for living room.

Don’t leave your television unit floating in space. Your media set up no longer stands out like a sore thumb when surrounded by cool modern shelving units like the Tarvo Wall Shelf from URBN. It’s a modern shelving unit that won’t distract from your vital TV viewing. The flared side of the Tarvo creates a fun shelving system when connected with multiple units.

modern storage and shelves for tv.

The television is the main central in any media room. Help to create a focal point by flanking either side of your media with a shelving unit. The Aksel Tall Wall Shelf from URBN provides all the benefits of conventional storage and modern good looks, and it’s height helps to highlight spots of interest. Perfect for books, your DVD collection or displaying odds and ends.

Dining Room Wall Storage Ideas

mid century modern wall shelves for the dining room.

Create a point of interest on the wall of your dining room by utilizing a few floating shelves. I like the angled edge of the Pendola C Wall Shelf from Cattelan Italia. You can create a staggered wall unit to showcase your finery. Add in extra interest by incorporating shelves of different sizes and finishes like the Pendola A and Pendola B shelves.

modern table for dining room drinks.

Create an unconventional bar with a simple floating shelf, like the Randi Side Table from Urbancase. The solid walnut shelf is sturdy enough to hold a few glasses and even an etched decanter of your favorite liquor.

Wall Storage Ideas In The Living Room

beautiful storage racks and bookcase for the living room.

For a dramatic yet functional look, dedicate an entire wall for housing a modern shelving unit. The Airport Bookcase from Cattelan Italia is customizable and can accommodate whatever configuration you desire. The minimal and simplistic design allows for that won’t detract from styling on the shelves and can be mixed into even the most traditional of spaces.

Modern Office Wall Storage

wall mounted desk.

Rooms that are tight on space can benefit from multifunctional pieces. Find a wall shelf that is versatile like the Walnut Ledge by Darin Montgomery, from Urbancase. It’s free floating and has a seamless hinged panel that opens up to reveal a drawer and a pull out workstation. I think this modern shelf works as a sweet desk or just extra storage for all of your odds and ends.

In the Bathroom

modern shelves for the shower.

Bathrooms are generally tight on space with minimal storage. A modern shelf is a perfect way to get a bit more storage without adding any bulk furniture. The Tulip Shelf from Arblu comes in a variety of colors to match any décor in your modern bathroom and can be situated with more than one shelf to create a wall unit.

contemporary hive design bathroom toilet paper roll holder.
Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf By Lyon Beton

Modern shelves are great ways to bring in something unique and unexpected. I love the Cloud Toilet Paper Shelf from Lyon Beton for its cheeky yet tasteful take on the necessities of the bathroom. The shelf is reminiscent of a fluffy cloud and is designed to cradle your TP so it’s at the hand and ready.


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