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Statement-Making Table and Floor Lamps from Moooi

When it comes to the balance of form and function, contemporary lamps might lean slightly toward the latter, reserved for lighting up a workspace, reading nook or accenting a room. But Dutch design house Moooi takes portable lighting to another level, with out-of-the-box designs that would make any dramatic chandelier jealous. Read on for a few of our favorites that take center stage in any room of the house.

Horse Floor Lamp By Front, from Moooi | Ylighting Statement Lighting
Horse Floor Lamp designed by Front for Moooi

A horse is a horse of course, unless it’s a floor lamp. Moooi’s Horse Floor Lamp gives new meaning to “party animal,” with a life-sized figure made of matte black polyester. A black linen shade atop his head diffuses light onto this true work of art.

Brave New World Lamp By Marcus Beck, from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Brave New World Lamp by Marcus Beck for Moooi

Beginning as a concept of random construction, the construction of the Brave New World Lamp came into being without a design plan in place. Its structural quality is inspired by old Far Eastern bamboo scaffolding, with each piece of wood coming together to create a mechanical form.

Paper Table Lamp Patchwork By Studio Job, from Moooi |YLighting Statement Lamps
Paper Table Lamp Patchwork by Studio Job for Moooi

Believe it or not, the main material of construction for this traditional lamp isn’t ceramic, metal or even plastic–it’s paper. With its classic form and bright finish, the Paper Table Lamp Patchwork puts a modern twist on a timeless silhouette.

Filigree Floor Lamp from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Filigree Floor Lamp from Moooi

Is it a lamp? Or is it a light source? The Filigree Floor Lamp was created to distinguish just that. Its over-sized polypropylene shade is translucent, which produces a soft, diffused glow.

Set Up Shades 5 By Marcel Wanders, from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Set Up Shades 5 by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

Stacks on stacks, the Set Up Shades 5 recreates the typical designer floor lamp. Five lamp shades are stacked one on top of the other, creating a tiered look that diffuse a gradient of light from top to bottom.

Construction Lamp S By Joost van Bleiswijk, from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Construction Lamp S by Joost van Bleiswijk for Moooi

The Construction Lamp S looks like it was built with a sophisticated erector set. Bolted together by brass screws and wooden slats, its construction takes on an elegant structure akin to industrial scaffolding.

Bucket Floor Lamp By Studio Job, from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Bucket Floor Lamp by Studio Job for Moooi

Instead of a traditional shade, the Bucket Floor Lamp features a cardboard bucket finished with paper and lacquer. Cheeky and playful, the bucket is complete with a gold plated and porcelain handle.

Space Frame Floor Lamp By Marcel Wanders, from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Space Frame Floor Lamp by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

The Space Frame Floor Lamp looks like a satellite floating in space. A geometric grid is composed of metal wires alongside of transparent diffusers with 64 LED modules for bright, ambient illumination. The grid is free to rotate and move as you see fit.

Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp By Jurgen Bey, from Moooi|YLighting Statement Lamps
Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp by Jurgen Bey for Moooi

A lamp within a lamp, the Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp is not all that it seems. Its sleek modern frame holds a traditional lamp within a semi-transparent cylinder coated with a mirrored film. When the light is on, it shines through the film; when off, the cylinder is reflective.

Rabbit Table Lamp By Front, from Moooi | YLighting Statement Lamps
Rabbit Table Lamp by Front for Moooi

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with the Rabbit Table Lamp. This bunny has true-to-life dimensions and is a conversation starter in any space. Perfect for everywhere from your study to the nursery, it’s one of our favorite table lamps from Moooi.

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