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Multipoint Customizable Pendants

A gaggle, a cluster, a bunch, whatever you call it, hanging high and low, these multipoint customizable pendants are simply divine. Constructed of a manifold of pendants suspended at differing levels, these fixtures are stunning displays of light and art. 

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorites. The possibilities are endless with these modern multipoint customizable pendants, ideal for hanging in the foyer, stairwell, or wherever there’s ample open space.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Aplomb Round Multipoint Pendant from Foscarini|YLighting
Aplomb Round Multipoint Pendant from Foscarini

Artfully illuminate your stairwell or entryway with the Aplomb Round Multipoint Pendant from Foscarini. Each conical pendant is constructed from concrete, mixing modern industrialism with soft illuminated light. One of the most iconic Foscarini designs, this pendant was a Foscarini best-seller in Multipoints in 2015.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/14.14 Fourteen Pendant Chandelier By Omer Arbel, from Bocci|YLighting
14.14 Fourteen Pendant Chandelier from Bocci

When lit, the 14.14 Fourteen Pendant Chandelier from Bocci is a stunning display of tranquil beauty and breathtaking quality. Like little bubbles carrying a candle of light, each sphere is cast glass, a unique process that leaves no two alike. The spheres are made from borosilicate glass, which, fun fact, is widely known as Pyrex. Both the xenon and LED models have a dimmer setting so you can turn down the lights and turn up the mood.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Beat 6 Light Multipoint Pendant By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon|YLighting
Beat 6 Light Multipoint Pendant from Tom Dixon

Born from an excursion to India, the Beat 6 Light Multipoint Customizable Pendants from Tom Dixon evoke the heritage of quality workmanship. Each Beat pendant, Wide, Tall, and Fat, is constructed of spun brass with a hand-beaten brass interior that is then hung in multipoint suspension. Also available in the YLighting-exclusive Brushed Nickel metal finish as a custom order, this pendant cluster is as trendy as it is iconic.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Grapes 12 Light LED Round Multipoint Pendant By Robert Sonneman, from SONNEMAN|YLighting
Grapes 12 Light LED Round Multipoint Pendant from SONNEMAN

Bunches of assorted orbs known as grapes hang together in a dramatic combination of metal, crystal, and light in the Grapes 12 Light LED Round Multipoint Pendant from SONNEMAN. Available in multiple sizes, the grapes are crafted with a waved metal cap and a crystal hemisphere, which illuminate sparkling LED light. Also available as a single pendant or in clusters of 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 16, or 24, and multiple canopy options allows for endless customizable opportunities.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Mizu 26 Light Pendant - Circular Canopy from Terzani|YLighting
Mizu 26 Light Pendant – Circular Canopy from Terzani

Constructed of dangling spheres of glass, each Mizu 26 Light Pendant – Circular Canopy from Terzani are designed after nature. Resembling droplets of water, each individual pendant maintaining its own imperfect, organic flow, so no two are alike. The imperfect spheres even refract light like water. Also available as a single pendant or in clusters of 3, 5, 7, or 15 to create your own dramatic canopy of light.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Kelly Cluster SO3 Seven Light Pendant Light from Studio Italia Design|YLighting
Kelly Cluster SO3 Seven Light Pendant Light from Studio Italia Design

The Studio Italia Design Kelly Cluster SO3 Seven Light Pendant Light combine seven orbs of laser cut metal. These LED lights are dimmable and cast a warm ambient light that’s reflected from within each sphere for a warmer glow. Hang above the dining room table for a unique chandelier replacement.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Lumi - Mochi F07A29 Pendant Light from Fabbian|YLighting
Lumi – Mochi F07A29 Pendant Light from Fabbian

Inspired by the soft, doughy Japanese Mochi, the Lumi – Mochi F07A29 Pendant Light from Fabian maintains the same soft shape of this delicious rice treat.Though playful in thought, the satin-finish white blown-glass maintains an air of sophistication while casting a warm glowing light. Available as single pendant, or in customizable clusters with multiple canopy options.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Spillray 6 Light LED Linear Pendant Light By Manuel Vivian, from AXO Light|YLighting
Spillray 6 Light LED Linear Pendant Light from AXO Light

With shades made from Pyrex glass, the Spillray 6 Light LED Linear Pendant Light from AXO Light doesn’t have to stay in the kitchen. This multipoint customizable pendant is available in multiple hues, and when coupled with an integrated transformer, is dimmable, so you can set the mood.

Multipoint Customizable Pendants/Mixed Solis 5 Chandelier from Pablo|YLighting
Mixed Solis 5 Chandelier from Pablo

An elegant approach to the multipoint customizable pendants, the Mixed Solis 5 Chandelier from Pablo integrates fabric and light. Playing upon the shadows from the sun’s rays, this fixture creates a radiating pattern of light through its laser cut shade. As a YLighting exclusive, the Solis multipoint fixture ships with a 10-foot cord that can be adjusted on site.

Olga Gabris

Olga Gabris

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