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Where Nature Meets Modern Lighting: Into The Woods With arturo alvarez

For the modern lighting brand arturo alvarez, nature plays an important role in the design of their lighting. With their studio nestled in the woods of Spain, arturo alvarez creates lighting that is raw and real. We’re taking a peek into this studio hidden among the trees. Come with us as we explore where the light comes from.

Into the Woods

Arturo Alvarez Design Studio | YLighting
Photos: Héctor Santos-Díez

Out in the calm Atlantic forest of Spain, along the churning quiet of the river, modern lighting is being made. It is in this setting, nestled in the dense greenery of the woods, that the lamps of arturo alvarez are born. Each light, so distinct and beautiful, has been imprinted upon by the tranquility of the surrounding nature. They receive their calm from the trees gently swaying in the breeze, their philosophy from the quiet life beyond the city. It’s this stunning landscape that breathes a unique beauty into the lighting of arturo alvarez, setting them apart from the rest.

arturo alvarez | YLighting

When it comes to production, nature is everywhere. The studio is totally surrounded by a lush landscape. Trees bring shade and cover from the hot sun, ivy creeps up the sides of their brick facade. But the nature doesn’t stop outside. The sight of their greenery surroundings also comes pouring in through their large windows, bringing in the warm sunlight and the brightness of nature. Even the scurrying creators can be seen and observed from inside too.

Nature’s Inspiration

arturo alvarez |YLighting

It is from this wealth of textures and shapes that arturo alvarez finds inspiration. Fixtures take on the essence of mother earth, their shapes reflecting the likes of the woodland creatures, as well as organic figures reflecting the scenery. Everything from the sky to the sea, the wind, the flowers, and even the air is woven into their lighting. It is a beautiful collision of the man-made and the natural. From raw materials comes modern lighting.

Giving Back

arturo alvarez Caos Large Pendant Light By Arturo Alvarez, from arturo alvarez| YLighting
Caos Large Pendant Light By Arturo Alvarez, from arturo alvarez

From dust to dust, we all return to the earth in some way. Though it is impossible to truly recycle every component and give back to the environment fully what we have taken, arturo alvarez strives to do the very best they can. By implementing energy saving technologies and using recycled materials in their products, they are committed to sustainable production. By only using the best raw materials, they ensure both quality and unique design.

A World Away

Nevo Pendant By Arturo Alvarez, from arturo alvarez | YLighting
Nevo Pendant By Arturo Alvarez, from arturo alvarez

Though it may seem like isolation, being a world away has only benefited the brand. Working hand in hand within a local community of neighbors, they strive to change the modern market. By remaining at a distance from the metropolitan places where trends give birth and die, arutro alvarez has been able to distance themselves from the excessive consumption of disposable goods. Rather, they develop lighting that has a soul of its own, and they do it well.  For 20 years they have be hidden among the trees, thus discovering what beauty the natural world has to offer one light fixture at a time.

arturo alvarez |YLighting

arturo alvarez |YLighting

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