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The Latest from Resident NZ

Resident can be described in three words: Progressive, Innovative, and Timeless. Every single one of their products is a new and bold interpretation of a traditional design, and is made from materials that are used in creative and innovative ways.

Established in 2011, Resident is a New Zealand design company that creates high quality lighting and furniture. The essence of the company revolves around world leading design, bold materiality and exceptional fabrication. We recently added Resident’s newest products to YLighting, and needless to say, they don’t fall short in terms of meeting the standards of high quality and incredible innovation that we have come to know of the brand.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites from Resident’s new products:

Oud Desk Lamp from Resident | YLighting
Oud Desk Lamp from Resident

Simply stunning, the Oud Desk Lamp adds refined luxury to any desk. Available with either a bold brass or a sleek black finish, this desk lamp is made from metal and features a single armature that bends and flows in a continuous, unbalanced line. An LED light source is housed in the top part of the lamp, and is actually concealed by the slightly angled position of the arm. But the coolest part of this fixture has to be the polished marble sphere that doubles as the light switch. The small marble ball sits on the base of the lamp and is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. To turn the light on, all you have to do is simply turn the ball a quarter-turn.

Hex 750 Brass Pendant Light from Resident | YLighting
Hex 750 Brass Pendant Light from Resident

The Hex 750 Brass Pendant Light showcases the beauty of simple, geometric design. Made from aluminum with a bold brass finish, this modern pendant light features a hexagon shape and uses an integrated LED light source to shine light downward. Due to its minimalist, refined design, not only would this pendant light fit with virtually any decor but it would be perfect above a dining room table or conference table as it wouldn’t be distracting.

Parison Pendant Light from Resident | YLighting
Parison Pendant Light from Resident

The Parison Pendant Light is visually stunning and features pure innovation. A mouth-blown glass pendant light made from a mixture of black and clear glass, each shade showcases a fluid color gradient that goes from opaque to transparent. Due to the design process, each pendant light will differ from the next, making them one-of-a-kind. Rather large in size, single pendant light above a dining room table or in a living room is perfect for adding a soft, diffused glow that projects the feeling of tranquility and elegance.

Check out the rest of the newest products from Resident here.

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