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New Tom Dixon Plane Collection

The newest Tom Dixon modern lighting collection – the Plane – is  characterized by a sure use of geometric shapes in a simplistic form, creating a minimal, sculptural aesthetic. Each fixture is composed of brass-plated steel and white glass spheres, that come together to create glamorous fixtures. 

Here’s a spotlight on the new Plane collection from Tom Dixon the entire YLighting team is so excited about:

Modern Lighting |YLighting
Plane Chandelier from Tom Dixon

Starting with the grandest of them all, the Plane Chandelier is a stunning piece of modern lighting. With four tiers of white glass spheres radiating outwards from golden rods, this glamorous chandelier is a show stopper. Shining brass plates capture and reflect light, creating a glowing piece of art that demands attention.

Modern Lighting |YLighting
Plane – Round Pendant Light from Tom Dixon

The Plane – Round Pendant Light is simple and minimal, presenting basic forms in a chic setup. An outer ring of shining brass circles round a large white glass sphere. The overall look is much like Saturn and its rings, though with an aesthetic that continues throughout the collection.

Modern Lighting |YLighting
Plane – Triangle Pendant Light from Tom Dixon

More angular than the rest, the Plane – Triangle Pendant Light outer brass triangle contrasts with the soft round globe set inside. Viewed from the side, this brass plated triangle helps to reflect light, creating drama.

Modern Lighting |YLighting
Plane Ceiling Wall Light from Tom Dixon

Follow suit, the Plane Ceiling Wall Light is all brass and globe. With the functionality to be hung on the ceiling or walls, this fixture takes its elegant form wherever it goes. The white glass sphere sit within four prongs of flat brass, maximizing its reflection  and glow.

I can’t help but see a correlation between the geometric designs of the Art Deco era and this collection. Everything about the Plane Collection is glamorous, with a minimalistic luxury that shines.

Olga Gabris

Olga Gabris

Olga sees modern art and design as her sources of inspiration for everyday activities. She believes that chocolate and mascara are essential components of a happy life. Olga enjoys working in Merchandising at the Y and looks forward to reading, blogging, and painting various surfaces in the evening.

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