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On Our Radar: Multi-Task Lighting

The right lighting can do a lot for a space. It can inspire a mood, accentuate architecture, give the illusion of space and, of course, illuminate. But what else can a light do?

Modern lamps are now serving double duty, designed to offer everything from wireless device charging to champagne chilling. Read on to explore how these multi-tasking lights are not only keeping up with, but enriching today’s tech minded lifestyle.

Seamless Smartphone Charging

Pixo Plus Table Lamp by Pablo Designs

As most new smartphones offer the option to be charged wirelessly, adding a charging pad to your home is more practical than ever. Pablo Design’s answer is the Pixo Plus Table Lamp. It does away with the hurried search for a charging cable by powering your device when placed directly on its sleek, circular base. By Fernando Pardo and Pablo Pardo, this minimal yet ultra-functional lamp is designed to be at your service, with the ability to be positioned in virtually any direction to focus its integrated LED where needed.

Convertible Lighting

Float Rechargeable LED Table Lamp by Axolight

Achieving the ideal ambiance is easier when you have options. The Float Rechargeable LED Table Lamp by Axolight features a portable shade that removes from its stem and easily converts into a wireless pendant light when suspended from a cable. Designed by Mario Alessiani, it easily transitions from an indoor to an outdoor lamp, and its rechargeable battery offers up to 9 hours of continuous light whether perched atop a table or suspended from above.

Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity

Uma Mini LED Table Lamp by Pablo Designs

Few things can set a space’s tone quite like music. Add to it a warm, inviting glow and modern design and you’ve got the next two pieces on our radar. Pablo Design offers their Uma Mini LED Table Lamp, a cone-shaped LED lantern equipped with a Bluetooth speaker that delivers immersive 360-degree sound. The Reveal Portable Lantern with Bluetooth Speaker by Access Lighting is a portable lamp with a clean, cubed design and integrated LED. Its speaker rests below a sturdy handle, making it easy to bring music and light to any occasion.

Wireless Flexibility

Wick LED Table Lamp from Graypants

Sometimes, the most impressive thing a lamp can do is illuminate in any situation. Wireless lamps are now designed to be taken anywhere without cutting corners on aesthetics. Take the Wick LED Table Lamp, an elegant rechargeable light from Graypants. Its slender, portable design is made from recycled materials and topped with a dimmable LED, evoking the warmth of a candlestick’s flame when lit. The Pina Pro Rechargeable LED Table Lamp by Ai Lati Lights offers the same portability with the sleek look of a modern desk lamp. Its conical shade houses a dimmable LED and an induction charging base provides 13 hours of cordless power.

Pina Pro Rechargeable LED Table Lamp by Ai Lati Lights

Beverage Chilling

Fresh Bluetooth LED Champagne Cooler from Smart & Green

That’s right. The Fresh Bluetooth LED Champagne Cooler is an outdoor lamp that doubles as an ice bucket. Designed by Steve McGugan from Smart & Green, this lamp connects to an app on your smartphone and allows you to choose and control a variety of light colors and themes. Its durable, weather-resistant material makes it a crowd-pleaser for outdoor evenings, while its rechargeable battery offers up to 24 hours of light.

Portable Décor

Chiardiluna LED Rechargeable Table Lamp from Rotaliana by LUMINART

Portability allows lighting to become more than décor. Add to this customizability and you’ve got the Chiardiluna LED Rechargeable Table Lamp by Dante Donegani and Giovanni Lauda from Rotaliana by LUMINART. Made of transparent borosilicate glass, its cylindrical design includes a removable and rechargeable stopper, transforming it into a luminous display case or modern terrarium you can take anywhere.

As lighting continues to integrate into our everyday, the possibilities of what a lamp can do seem endless. Whether it creates heightened functionality or a conversation starter, multi-functional lighting is pushing the boundaries of practical and provocative.


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