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On Our Radar: The Icons

The word icon is defined as a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something. It’s not a descriptor that should be used lightly, but has applied to everything from architecture to celebrities to art–and of course, lighting.

But what is it about a modern lighting fixture that takes it from a simple light source to a veritable design icon? The ones we’ve chosen below do exactly as the definition says for the modern era. They represent innovation, originality, harmonic form and function, and all the things in between. These works are instantly recognizable and created by some of the most renowned names in design.

From the early mid-century to today, here are some of the most iconic modern lighting fixtures that symbolize the best in design.

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Sarah Schaale

Sarah Schaale

Sarah is a Brand Marketing Manager for YDesign Group brands. A writer and editor at heart, she loves storytelling in all its forms and is a copious consumer of the Internet (for better or worse). In design, she finds inspiration in simplicity, warmth and all things Danish.

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