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Outdoor Chandelier Lighting Ideas

Nothing beats the wow factor of a chandelier which makes them a great option for adding ambient light to your outdoor entertaining areas. Hung above a dining table or in a covered patio, chandeliers are guaranteed to make a stylish statement. Be sure to choose a fixture that is damp- or wet-rated, depending on where you are installing it so that it won’t be damaged by moisture. If a chandelier isn’t your style, pendants are similar enough to be an equally great choice.

Easy Breezy

2016 Best Chandeliers | Hubbardton Forge Divergence Outdoor Pendant Light |YLighting
Divergence Outdoor Pendant Light from Hubbardton Forge

Perfect for a breezy covered patio with a beautiful natural view, a modern chandelier with a graceful silhouette will make a statement in your outdoor space. Be sure to pick a fixture that is marine-grade if your porch overlooks the coast.

Nature Study

outdoor chandelier ideas.
Patera Pendant Light from Louis Poulsen

A pendant light is a great choice for an outdoor botanical oasis. Pendants are similar to chandeliers and can be a great alternative if you’d like a simpler look. Bonus points if you can find a pendant that has a pattern or texture that mimics nature, such as a pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence or wood grain.

Classic Example

traditional outdoor chandelier lighting.
Mission Beach Outdoor Pendant Light By Troy Lighting

Another great location for an outdoor chandelier is above your entrance door. Pendants, a similar alternative to a chandelier, can give a simpler look with comparable style and ambient light. A wire frame surrounding a large lamp will perfectly highlight the classic features in a modern entryway.

Garden Spots

modern outdoor chandelier lighting ideas.
Rhodes Outdoor Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

Illuminate your beautiful gardens with an outdoor chandelier placed on an overhang of your covered porch. Not only will this add illumination to better see your horticultural designs and lovely plants, but you will also have additional light for safer walking.

Patio Perfect

outdoor pendant chandelier lighting.
Arcadia Outdoor Pendant Light By Hinkley Lighting

Add the feeling of an open-air cafe in your own home by hanging a lantern-like outdoor chandelier above a bistro table and chairs. Perfect for smaller patios and balconies, this type of fixture will add enough light for eating under the stars or having after-dinner conversations.

Pendants and Pergolas

outdoor traditional chandelier.
Sawyer Outdoor Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

Pergolas are a great solution for providing shade from the midday sun, but if you’d like to use one throughout the evening, consider adding an outdoor chandelier. Not only will this add more functionality to your pergola, but it will also allow you to incorporate even more style in your space.

Easy Entertaining

chandelier patio lighting ideas.
Carson Outdoor Chandelier By Hinkley Lighting

Creating a cozy outdoor seating area is as easy as adding comfortable chairs and hanging some outdoor chandeliers for light to have a conversation by. Keep to a rustic theme by using a chandelier with a woven metallic frame and seeded glass globes.

Sea the Light

outdoor porch chandelier lighting.
Compass Outdoor Pendant Light By Hinkley Lighting

Create a coastal oasis with an outdoor chandelier with a navigational feel hung over a comfy seating area. Add in some driftwood and views of palm trees, and you’ve got the perfect spot to enjoy sunsets, sea breezes, and the sound of the surf.

Indoor Garden Oasis

outdoor pendant walkway ideas.
Fora Outdoor Pendant Light from Bover – Image Via @eddieleeinc

A woven caged chandelier will blend in seamlessly with a covered patio decorated with plants. If you have a large space, don’t hesitate to hang several larger chandeliers in a row to ensure adequate lighting for the whole area.

Lounge About

modern outdoor pendant lighting.
Allier Outdoor Pendant Light By Feiss

A chandelier with a classic candelabra lamp and a metal-framed cage is a great addition to a modern outdoor seating area. This type of chandelier is sure to add just the right amount of ambient light for relaxing evenings spent lounging outdoors.

Outdoor Dining Oasis

outdoor dining chandelier ideas.
Wright Outdoor Chandelier By Kichler

An outdoor dining area won’t seem complete without some overhead illumination. Look for a rectangular outdoor chandelier to hang over your table so that guests at either end will have ample light. A modern farmhouse space will look great with a fixture that has industrial details, seeded glass, and vintage light bulbs.

Serenity Now

drum chandelier outdoor lighting.
Portico Drum Pendant Light By Hinkley Lighting

Create an outdoor living room by suspending a beautiful and classic candelabra chandelier above an all-weather sofa. Be sure to choose a damp-rated fixture for quality that will last, even in humid environments. Then relax and enjoy the serene surroundings.

Invitation Accepted

outdoor linear chandelier ideas.
Clouds Monolith LED Outdoor Linear Suspension Light By Justice Design Group

For clean lines, appealing symmetry, and inviting illumination, look for a linear suspension light to install in your covered patio. This type of fixture is similar to a chandelier and pairs well with contemporary or minimalist aesthetics while providing pleasant ambient light for the whole space.

A Classic Reimagined

led outdoor chandelier ideas.
Clouds Laguna Eight Light LED Outdoor Chandelier By Justice Design Group

A candelabra-type chandelier with rectangular lamps is a modern take on a classic and is a great choice for your outdoor dining area. Suspended above your dining table, this type of fixture will give off a warm ambient glow perfect for lingering over an open-air dinner.

Outdoor pendants and chandeliers will add the perfect finishing touch to your outdoor spaces. Whether a covered patio or a path through your backyard, outdoor lighting provides safety for easier walking and better illumination for gatherings. Make sure you choose fixtures that are properly rated for your area and that will provide ample light for your needs. For more YLighting ideas, see our Outdoor Lighting Ideas.

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