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How To Bring an Indoor Coziness to Outdoor Lighting

When searching for ways to illuminate our most private, treasured outdoor living spaces—where we want to get the atmosphere just right—we should be encouraged to think outside the box, the same way we do to dress up our indoor spaces.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, it’s easy to default to the typical outdoor pathway or fixed wall sconces. But these days, there are a number of outdoor lighting options that can lend a comfortable and contemporary indoor feel to your outdoor spaces. Marset takes care of light, and has for many years designed just such indoor-style outdoor fixtures. So they have plenty of expertise on the subject.

Cala Collection by Joan Gaspar, from Marset

Perhaps you’re looking for a romantic, serene or seductive poolside mood, with a nod to the sky above. Or maybe you want a cozy, Mediterranean atmosphere reminiscent of an idyllic Barcelona-style villa, complete with an outdoor swing. Then again, you might just need to light things up for a simple backyard barbecue. No matter what scene you’re trying to set, there is an unexpected fixture to go along with it. Let’s take a look.

Outdoor Pendant Lights

Since they would normally hang from a closed ceiling, pendant lights, in particular, bring an unexpected degree of interior warmth to outdoor spaces. They can provide ample illumination for a summer soiree or when you’re just sipping iced tea on a porch swing.

Cala Outdoor Suspension Light by Joan Gaspar, from Marset

The Cala Outdoor Suspension Light imparts an indoor air to outdoor lounge areas, dining tables and other areas with its classic drum pendant form. It is made specifically for outdoor use with an all-weather rotary-molded polyethylene shade ingeniously enclosed in a zipped Textilene sleeve. Such durable materials also provide a richly textured and nuanced light.

Soho Outdoor Pendant Light by Joan Gaspar, from Marset

You’ll find the Soho Outdoor Pendant collection cognizant of old-school cafeteria, market and tavern lights. They are artisan-designed with rotary-molded polyethylene and a methacrylate diffuser to distribute even unfiltered illumination.

Outdoor Floor and Table Lamps

Most commonly seen at the bedside or next to an indoor sofa, table, and floor lamps can bring the same amount of light and a similar sense of indoor-inspired décor to outdoor spaces.

Santorini Outdoor Floor Lamp from Marset

For example, when placed unassumingly alongside a park-style bench overlooking a garden, fountain or pool, the Santorini Outdoor Floor Lamp—inspired by the classic fishing boat lantern—helps you achieve a cozy, introspective setting. The customizable vintage-style lantern lights allow for multiple compositions and creations.

Cala 140 Outdoor Floor Lamp by Joan Gaspar, from Marset

For smaller enclosed or terraced patios, mini floor lamps pair an indoor sensibility with proper scale. The Cala 140 Outdoor Floor Lamp features a living room-worthy shade atop intersecting iron or wood legs, echoing a metal café table or painter’s trestle.


With rechargeable lanterns, you can cut the cord altogether and have stylish outdoor lighting wherever you need it. They’re a great way to literally go off the beaten path and veer away from traditional outdoor lighting.

FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp from Marset

The FollowMe Rechargeable LED Table Lamp is a portable, rechargeable lamp boasting a “rocking” retro lampshade and white, matte polycarbonate body. A natural oak handle, brass switch and additional charming utilitarian hardware detailing offers fresh luminosity and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Set upon a balcony table for late afternoon tea time or late evening night caps.

Staying Safe with Outdoor Lighting

As with any electrical device or apparatus, safety precautions should be consistently practiced. While you can easily bring an indoor look to an outdoor space, you definitely want to make sure that the fixture is rated specifically for outdoor use. Use extra caution when children are around and when using light fixtures near water, e.g., fountains, garden waterfalls or pools. Also, while the materials used in manufacturing these state-of-the-art, prized pieces are made to withstand the weather of varying conditions–as well as designed for many years of aesthetic adoration and delightful illumination–you should still take necessary precautions when dealing with steadily wet weather or other inclement circumstances.

In other words, as long as they’re used smartly and safely, there are many fashion-forward outdoor lighting designs that can make your outdoor spaces just as stylish and bright as any indoor room. In fact, they can make your yard the best room in the house.



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