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Editor’s Picks: Oversize Lighting Designs

You know what they say: Go big or go home. Oversize lighting has become more popular with each passing year. Whether chosen to match the scale of a similarly oversize room, or to create an exciting and audacious statement in smaller spaces, oversize pendants, chandeliers and even floor lamps are designed to make an impact.

As an instant focal point that commands the space it shares, oversize lighting effectively captures attention and artfully creates a desired spectacle. From the entryway to the dining room, featuring a lighting piece of gigantic proportions is a sure fire way to add a dramatic element. Here’s a roundup of some of the best and biggest oversize lighting around.

Vertigo Pendant Light

With the graceful swoop of its fiberglass wire form, the immediate impression given by the Vertigo Pendant Light is one of a floppy, wide-brimmed hat (the largest option of which extends over six feet wide). Despite its size–or perhaps because of it–the lightweight structure is prone to tilting and turning with the slightest air current (hence, the name).

Dome 180 Chandelier

The Dome 180 Chandelier has an organic elegance to it, even as its puzzle-like structure lends it a certain playfulness. It’s comprised of 165 pieces of beech veneer, artfully arranged to create a stunning focal point that’s six feet around and four feet tall. Once turned on, the allure of this oversize chandelier is heightened as it casts beautiful shadows on the floor or table surface below.

Giant 1227 Collection

The 1935 design of the Original 1227 Task Light has proven so iconic and versatile, it only makes sense to make it literally larger than life. Even at several times the original size, the adjustable mechanism of the Original 1227 Giant lamps is just as smoothly functional, the tiltable shade just as expressive. Cartoonish yet modern, these lights will pack a big punch in any living space…including outdoors.

Allegro and Allegretto Collection

The entire range of the Foscarini Allegro and Allegretto Collections boasts dramatically sized suspension lights. Constructed of layers of aluminum rods that bend and curve with incredible precision, these fixtures offer a range of fluid, geometric forms and large sizes to impress in any space.

Bell Suspension Light

Aptly named, the Bell Suspension Light hangs over your head like a giant bell. If this larger than life fixture wasn’t dramatic enough for its sheer size (the largest option is nearly six feet around), then the bright color of the material is certainly the finishing touch.

Arco Floor Lamp

Nearly eight feet tall and arcing more than six feet wide, the FLOS Arco Floor Lamp could be considered the lighting pioneer for the oversize floor lamp. Designed way back in 1962, the Arco has paved the way for bigger lighting giants to make their way into the modern living space.

Mesh LED Pendant Light

The catch of the day, truly. The Mesh LED Pendant Light looks like a great big woven basket of light, or a fishing net. With its open weave, it manages to be both voluminous and visually light. The largest size is over three feet around and, with up to 16 feet of suspension cable, particularly great for tall spaces.

Crown Summa Chandelier

Another great choice for spaces that are extra tall and extra wide. At more than five feet tall and four feet around, the Crown Summa Chandelier is a vertically oriented version of the popular (and also quite sizable) Crown Major. The branched aluminum structure and sandblasted glass diffusers offer a modern take on oversize candlelit chandeliers of yore.

Valeo LED Floor Lamp

The Valeo LED Floor Lamp is one part floor lamp and one part pendant. This angular, wooden progeny of the Arco Lamp has also outgrown its predecessor. It also stands nearly eight feet tall, but extends up to nine feet to dangle its shade over a sofa or dining table.

Navicula Pendant Light

Finally, a very large pendant light inspired by microscopic lifeforms. The Navicula Pendant Light is made out of lightweight bamboo to evoke the flowing, floating form of an ocean diatom. Many of David Trubridge‘s designs can be considered oversize, but the Navicula dwarfs them with an option that extends over eight feet long.

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