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Q+A with Renato Fabbian

Fabbian, the family-owned Italian company founded in 1961, is known for its distinctive interpretation of modern design trends. This unique approach is achieved through collaborations with leading designers and the utilization of advance production techniques. We sat down with their founder and president Renato Fabbian to discuss the evolution of his brand and some of his favorite designs.

Q & A with Renato Fabbian

Have you always been interested in home décor?

Renato Fabbian: Yes, it was a passion since I opened my company.

What prompted you to pursue this as a business?

RF: It was the idea of being able to create new products that would leave a mark in the evolution of design, and in furniture in general.

How do you decide which designers you’ll collaborate with?

RF: There are two ways: Sometimes we want to add special products to our catalogue, so we ask a designer to develop something specific for us that respects the characteristics we requested. Other times designers submit exceptional fixtures to us and we decide to produce them.

What is your role in the creative process?

RF: My role is to respect the overall design proposed, creating a current product while evaluating the feasability of producing it.

Has the Fabbian aesthetic evolved over the years, and if so, in what way?

RF: Fabbian’s aesthetic got a boost when we decided to only produce products in partnership with the best international designers.

How would you describe the Fabbian look?

RF: Innovative, clean design that’s always manufactured with high standards in terms of our material and components. We also emphasize creating fixtures that are easy for customers to assemble.

Who are some of the brands and designers out there you admire?

RF: All brands that are innovative in their designs, technology, and materials.

Your designs are bold and contemporary. How do you see incorporating them in more traditional spaces?

RF: I can see easily incorporating Fabbian designs in a traditional space. In fact, I think that would be great because it would emphasize the contrast between the traditional and contemporary.

Can you call out some of your favorite pieces and say why?

RF: There are many products that I could select. The ones I prefer from the most recent collections are the Stick and Ray lights. These were introduced at last year’s EuroLuce in Milan. They are extremely sleek, using materials that are different from our tradition: ayous, an exotic african wood, for Stick, and a polycarbonate for Ray.

Stick F23A03 Pendant Light from Fabbian
Stick F23A03 Pendant Light from Fabbian

Do you have a favorite collection or design over the years?

RF: I don’t; with each collection I had a different feeling and emotion that are linked with the time it was created.

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Jennie Oh

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