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Redefining Recessed Lighting: A Q&A with Sean Lavin of Tech Lighting

The ELEMENT Reflections Collection by Tech Lighting utilizes a first-of-its-kind technology in recessed lighting. It combines decorative domes with glare-free LED indirect lighting, which enables downlights to become an essential decorative component of a multi-layered lighting design.

ELEMENT Reflections Bloom 12 Inch Dome Trim by Tech Lighting

YLighting sat down with Reflections designer Sean Lavin, who is the Chief Design Officer with Generation Brands (the Tech Lighting parent company) to learn more:

Q. What first generated the idea for Reflections?
A. There was a demand from the market for pure, indirect LED recessed lighting, as it’s softer light with less glare. To achieve indirect lighting in a recessed downlight required creating a fixture that functions above the ceiling. This allowed us the opportunity to design decorative domes inspired by the same design themes we’re seeing in trending international interior and architectural design. The result is a recessed downlight that also gives depth to the light source, which is something that has never really been accomplished before. In effect, we’ve added a third dimension to the ceiling plane. Within that dimension, we’ve utilized embossed reflective domes that create an imaginative, decorative play between light and shadow all within the downlight, all above the ceiling plane.

ELEMENT Reflections Torus 12 Inch Dome Trim by Tech Lighting

Q. Why should I choose Reflections for my home? What makes it innovative?
A. Reflections can be used to create truly amazing light designs in your home, layering light as well as delivering pure indirect LED illumination with almost no glare. Plus, it adds a dimensional, decorative and architectural element to the room.

Q. Is Reflections a lighting system that can be used for new construction? What about a remodel version if I wanted to remodel my kitchen?
A. This first generation of Reflections is intended for installation in new construction or a remodel where the ceiling is being opened for re-work. At this time, it cannot be used as a retrofit for existing construction.

Q. Is Reflections easy to install? Can I do it myself or do I need an electrician?
A. Reflections is easy to install. However, we always recommend that a qualified professional electrician do the installation.

ELEMENT Reflections Fleur 5 Inch Dome Trim by Tech Lighting

Q. Where in the home would you recommend installing Reflections?
A. Reflections is ideal where decorative ceiling details can be combined with reduced-glare general illumination. It is especially well-suited for environments where general illumination is being used in conjunction with accent or task lighting to create layers of light. Dining rooms, foyers, hallways, kitchens, family rooms or commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants or senior living facilities—Reflections is for almost any space where décor and light can be combined for a holistic effect.

Q. How expensive are Reflections compared to other indirect recessed downlight systems?
A. Reflections is unique in that there are almost no points of comparison. It’s the first-of-its kind decorative recessed downlight. Compared to other architectural-grade recessed downlights, Reflections is very affordable.

Q. Can I order custom patterns?
A. Custom dome patterns are available but require individual quoting per project. Costs would depend on quantity and timing. Our custom quotes team would be happy to assist with this.

ELEMENT Reflections Bloom 12 Inch Dome Trim by Tech Lighting
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