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Small Dining Room Ideas

It’s not the size of the room that counts, but the love within it, right? This is a good sentiment to stick with if you’re working with a small dining room—the area where you invite friends to gather, toast, and share meals on the regular. In other words, a small dining room doesn’t mean you’re limited in hosting guests around your table. But it might take some creative design, layouts and furniture pieces to make the most of your small space all year long. Here, some of our favorite ideas for designing a dining room in a small space:

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A small dining room might have its challenges, but careful editing can make this space function exactly as you want it to day-to-day and for special occasions. While it’s important to choose pieces you love, making sure they also fit the space is equally important for making the space feel as full as it might if square footage wasn’t a challenge. Shop more modern dining room furniture, lighting and more at YLighting.


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Sarah Schaale

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