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Small Office Lighting Ideas

Congratulations, you’ve finally got the corner office you’ve always wanted. Whether you’ve carved out a small place for a home office in a nook, cranny or corner, the proper lighting it is of utmost importance. Contemporary desk lamps with adjustable arms and heads are always a great choice for their flexibility and task lighting. Pendant lights and wall sconces add light without taking up precious workspace. The best strategy is to combine all three to ensure adequate task lighting for working at your desk and perfect ambient illumination.

Take the Floor

small office floor lamp ideas.
Capella Table Lamp from Pantone Lighting

A floor lamp is a great way to add sophistication and much-needed task lighting to a small office. One with a minimalist feel and a compact footprint will take up less space but add a lot of style, especially if you choose one in a classic color or finish.

On the Cutting Edge

modern led table lamp
Plie LED Table Lampn By ZANEEN design

Choose an office desk lamp with a cutting edge design to complement an ultra-modern small office. With a slim silhouette and appealing angles, this type of desk lamp will provide warm downlighting for tackling all of the most important items on your to-do list.

Into Focus

desk lamp for small office lighting ideas.
Pixo Plus Table Lamp from Pablo Designs

A desk lamp with an adjustable head is an easy way to add focused light to your workspace. Look for one with an adjustable head for even more functionality and a compact design for efficient use of your desk space.

Retro Cool

small office task lamp ideas.
Original 1227 Mini Desk Lamp from Anglepoise

A classic desk lamp with a vintage design will illuminate your small office and add a touch of retro cool to a contemporary space. Classic finishes, like black or white, will ensure that your lamp always matches your decor, even if you change up your aesthetic.

Functional and Flexible

led small office table lamps
Capella Table Lamp from Pantone Lighting

A table lamp will provide unparalleled flexibility and allow you to move the light wherever you need it in the room. Choose one with a similar vibe to the rest of the room, such as a vintage one with a modern twist for a contemporary small office.

Into the Swing Of It

small office desk lamps.
Laito Gentle Table Lamp By Seed Design

A swing arm desk lamp in black and gold accents will give your desk a stylish upgrade. Even more important for a small office, look for one that allows you to adjust the lamp’s height and angle for maximum efficiency.

Artistry Aglow

mid century modern desk lamps.
Globo Table Lamp By Jonathan Adler

For an artsy and contemporary small office, look for a desk lamp with sculptural elements to let your personality shine. A fixture with a metallic domed shade will direct illumination downwards onto your work surface while also reflecting light for a warm glow.

Office Space

small office wall sconce ideas.
Modern Office Wall Sconces

Instead of taking up precious desktop space in your small office, consider installing wall lights or a bar pendant light or even both. Placing the pendant light directly above your desk will provide bright task lighting while installing decorative wall lights will ensure a pleasing ambient glow to warm up the entire room.

Creature Comforts

modern office floor lamp.
AJ Floor Lamp from Louis Poulsen – Image Via @exactlydesigns

Small office lighting isn’t just important around your desk. A comfortable reading chair with a dedicated floor lamp will give you a nice place to take a break or enjoy a book. Be sure the floor lamp provides enough illumination for tasks while remaining glare-free.

Modern Art

modenr office pendant lighting ideas.
Tri Pendant Light By Resident

Ultra-Modern pendant light with a geometric shape is the perfect complement for a contemporary or modern small office. A beautiful but unexpected brass finish will draw the eye upward. Choose one with LED lights for a warm glow that is energy efficient as well.

Following Directions

modern clip table office lighting.
Kelvin LED Table Lamp from FLOS

For flexible light that can be directed wherever you are working, look for a desk lamp that is constructed of two movable arms and an adjustable head. Keeping the desk lamp and its base simple and unobtrusive will make your small office appear more spacious.

Form and Function

modern led desk lamps.
Modern LED Desk Lamps

For a sleek desktop, look for a desk lamp with an industrial design and matte black finish that will provide focused task lighting without unnecessary design distractions. Allow form to meet function by choosing one that has adjustable arms and head for the best task lighting.

Custom Made

swing arm led desk lamps
Berenice Large Table Lamp from Luceplan

Swingarm desk lamps are a classic design with ample functionality and are always a great choice for just about any aesthetic. Choose one that allows you to customize your fixture to best suit your small offices, such as different color options for the shade or multiple finishes.

Office lighting can be both stylish and function to have a big impact on a small space. Choosing options like LED lighting or low profile ceiling lights will provide ambient illumination for the whole room while the desk and floor lamps are perfect for adding task lighting where you need it most. For more YLighting ideas, see our Office Lighting Ideas.

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