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How to Layer Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is typically the most overlooked lighting in the house. It’s the first place we go when getting out of bed and the last place we go before hopping into bed, to say nothing about all the time we spend bathing, showering, shaving or putting on makeup. With all those things going on in one room, you’d think more people would be interested in making it a place of comfort and ease.

Basically a good layered lighting plan includes ample lighting for tasks as well as other lighting to enhance the overall mood in the room. Layered lighting is the ultimate solution to a bathroom that is too dim for tasks or too bright for relaxation.

Vanity or Task Lighting

Making do with a recessed ceiling fixture over the vanity mirror? The shadows they cast can make every day grooming a challenge. Opt for a horizontal light or bath bar over the mirror, instead. Bath bars are ideally located about 75 to 80 inches above the floor with fixtures that are long enough to bring full illumination to your hair and face.

Tubo Slim LED Bath Bar | YLighting How to Layer Bathroom Lighting
Defined by a simple tubular shape and sleek design, the Tubo Slim LED Bath Bar has an opal white diffuser that offers even, moderate lighting over the mirror.

Look for bath bars that mount vertically or horizontally to suit your space. For a small bath or powder room, vertical lights flanking a mirror can help make the room look bigger. If you are looking for modern elements, with a minimalist effect and slim profile, the Stiletto Bath Bar offers a sleek design with modern technology.

Stiletto 32 Inch LED Bath Bar | YLighting How to layer your bathroom lighting
Slide the Stiletto up and down the mounting box to create a modern, minimal look and optimal lighting position.

Embrace the Eclectic

Eclectic style is gaining popularity, even in the bathroom. Why not mix a modern streamlined bath bar with vintage style wall sconces? Designers are playing up to the idea of the bath retreat – an inviting escape from it all. One way to embrace the escape is by choosing an eye-catching or dramatic layer of ambient lighting. Consider a central industrial chic pendant light in black or a glittery chandelier to add the perfect touch.

The Chelsea 3-Arm Pendant Light by SONNEMAN | YLighting How to layer your bathroom Lighting
The Chelsea 3-Arm Pendant Light by SONNEMAN

Think Dimmers

Dimmers in the bathroom? Nothing controls the mood better than lighting. Even dimming vanity lights can create a relaxed ambiance, whether just getting up in the morning or relaxing in a sudsy bath. Plus, dimmers save on energy.

When layering your bathroom lighting, don’t be afraid of mixing styles or lamping types. Today’s modern LED’s offer more wattage than ever with a warmer light – a look that unifies and complements the overall lighting scheme.

For More Modern Bathroom Lighting Inspiration:

Robert Sonneman

Robert Sonneman

Robert Sonneman pioneered modern lighting, making it an art form. Many of his award-winning designs have become classics of the modern era. Acclaimed for clean lines and his alliance to form and function, he has been at the forefront of modern design for five decades.

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