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Spotlight on David Trubridge

David Trubridge has been making a name for himself in the design world since 2001, when the Italian brand Cappellini purchased the rights to his Body Raft lounger. From there, the New Zealand-based designer has focused mainly on his signature, modern lighting made from sustainably sourced bamboo plywood. Creating intricate patterns from geometric components, Trubridge remains focused on using the minimum amount of materials while still managing to design bold sculptural pieces. To reduce packaging and its effects on the environment, each of his pieces ships flat packed, letting you assemble it yourself with easy instructions.

Coral Pendant Paint by David Trubridge | Ylighting
Coral Pendant – Paint

One of the most well known Trubridge designs, the Coral Pendant – Paint was inspired by the geometric polyhedra that he’s loved since he was a child. The spherical pendant is formed by using just one single, bamboo plywood component that’s repeated 60 times. Once together, the vibrant interior color shows through.

Sola Pendant Light by David Trubridge | YLighting
Sola Pendant

Taking inspiration from the Greek myth about the boy that flew too close to the sun, this pendant mimics solar flares that form on the sun. Similar to the Coral Pendant, a more intricate pattern is formed with the Sola Pendant thanks to additional connection points.

Bounce Kitset Pendant Light by David Trubridge | YLighting
Bounce Kitset Pendant Light

The Bounce Kitset Pendant Light is a paneled light designed to protect the eyes from the brightness of the bulb. Light is emitted through the diffusing panels without leaving patterns on the surrounding walls.

Koura Pendant - Black by David Trubridge | YLighting
Koura Pendant – Black

The Koura Pendants were inspired by the Maori woven baskets used to catch freshwater shrimp in New Zealand, which is where it got its name. “Koura” is the Maori word for shrimp and the pendant comes in an all-black version or a natural bamboo alternative.

Cloud Pendant by David Trubridge | YLighting
Cloud Pendant

They appear to be weightless, cloud-like pendants hanging from the ceiling bringing a bit of outdoors in. The Cloud Pendant was inspired by clouds Trubridge spotted over islands in the Pacific Ocean that Polynesian navigators used to find islands in the distance.

Snowflake Paint Pendant by David Trubridge | YLighting
Snowflake Paint Pendant

When the individual components of the Snowflake Paint Pendant are connected together, they create repeating geometric hexagonal patterns that resemble snowflakes. The kit comes in three outside bamboo finishes – natural, caramel, and white – along with color choices for the inside.

Beau Pendant Light by David Trubridge | YLighting
Beau Pendant Light

The Beau Pendant Light is an open form directing the light downwards onto surfaces or floors. Beau comes in an all-natural finish that glows when the light is on, and a caramel finish that restricts the amount of light emitted through the shade to create a more moody space.

lUlu Pendant Light - Paint by David Trubridge | YLighting
Ulu Pendant Light – Paint

The Ulu Pendant Light has a drum-shaped shade whose pattern resembles the leaves of a Tahitian breadfruit tree named Ulu, hence the light fixture’s name. Its natural exterior is paired with a variety of interior colors to choose from.

Wing Pendant by David Trubridge | YLighting
Wing Pendant

Originally part of Trubridge’s Icarus installation, the Wing Pendant is now available as a pendant made of hand-frosted polycarbonate that’s connected by aluminum rivets. Perfect for a commercial interior or above a dining table, the wing-shaped fixture is outfitted with two strips of energy-efficient LED lights.

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