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Spotlight: Graypants

Founded in Seattle and later expanding to Amsterdam, Graypants is a design studio formed by architects that focus on lighting, furniture, packaging, and architecture. Since the beginning they’ve forged a path in the lighting world with their handcrafted lights made from recycled cardboard that’s cleverly formed into unique fixtures. Over the years, they’ve expanded the cardboard line by introducing new shapes and colors, as well as launching new collections into the mix. Here, we take a look at some of our favorite lighting fixtures from Graypants.

The Scraplights Natural collection is handcrafted from laser cut, recycled cardboard that is hand assembled using a non-toxic adhesive before being treated with a non-toxic fire retardant. The collection features pendants in all shapes and sizes, as well as a floor lamp and a table lamp.

The Scraplights White collection expands on the original collection made in cardboard’s natural color, and is now available a in clean, fresh white variety. The same things to love about the Natural collection remain in the new line with similar shapes and sizes, along with a floor lamp and a table lamp.

The Kerflights Collection utilizes a unique kerf pattern for the recycled shades that easily curve into pendant shapes. The shades stretch to reveal moments of light coming through to cast patterns onto the surrounding walls. The shades can also be reversed letting you feature the natural side or the painted side for a different look.

Machined from a sheet of 50% recycled aluminum, each Steplights Collection pendant comes flat-packed as a series of rings that are easily assembled at home using zero tools, hardware, or adhesives. The light from an incandescent bulb escapes through the slats rings creating a linear pattern on the surrounding walls.


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Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer

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