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Pablo’s Award Winning Uma Sound LED Table Lamp

Pablo’s Uma Sound LED Table Lamp is redefining the traditional lantern. We’re shining a spotlight on this innovative lantern and sharing it’s beauty with you today.

Pablo's Uma Sound LED Table Lamp | YLighting
Uma Sound LED Table Lamp By Pablo Pardo, from Pablo

Winner of both the 2016 AZURE Magazine People’s Choice Award and the 2016 Good Design Award Australia, it’s clear that Pablo’s Uma Sound LED Table Lamp is redefining the portable lantern for the modern age. Uma is a beautiful rendition of the past, drawing inspiration for its silhouette from that of traditional lanterns. Yet there is nothing traditional about Uma. With its clean lines and elegant shape, Uma breaks the mold, bringing a thoughtful and efficient lantern that surrounds you in light and sound. Uma features high tech functionality, a portable design, and durable features, making it the perfect companion for day and night, both indoors and out.

Pablo UMA Sound Landern: A Visual Journey from Design Milk + Pablo Inc. on Design Milk’s You Tube Channel

We think this recent video collaboration between our friends at Design Milk and Pablo is so beautiful. Not only is it visually appealing, but it truly captures the essence of Uma’s design and its intent of use. Watch to see every element of Pablo’s Uma shine and glow. And while we agree that Uma is an elegant piece of modern lighting, Uma is also more than just a pretty face.

High Tech Functionality

Uma Sound LED Table Lamp by Pablo Pardo | YLighting
Uma Sound LED Table Lamp By Pablo Pardo, from Pablo

Uma is for today, featuring 360 degree surround sound with touch sensitive volume control, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your favorite mobile devices and listen to them through Uma’s big sound. Using Warm Dim LED technology with a full range light control dial, Uma is a guiding light that provides a high fidelity experience.

Take It Anywhere

Uma Sound LED Table Lamp Designed by Carmine Deganello and Pablo Pardo | YLighting
Uma Sound LED Table Lamp By Pablo Pardo, from Pablo

Portable and rechargeable, Uma can hold up to 8 hours of battery life for light or 5 hours of light and sound. Weighing in at just under 3 lbs, UMA can be carried anywhere with ease. Take it beyond the confines of the home and into the wilds of the outdoors. Because of its lightweight design, Uma can roam with you where other speakers just can’t.


Pablo Pardo's Uma Sound LED Table Lamp from Pablo Designs | YLighting
Uma Sound LED Table Lamp By Pablo Pardo, from Pablo

Uma is equipped with two interchangeable top-grain leather handles in both tan and gray, allowing you to carry Uma how you please. Constructed with an impact resistant polycarbonate shade, and a sturdy silicone base as well as steel mesh speakers for weather protection, Uma is ready to go where you go without limits.

Click here to check out more on this lamp and the making of the video over on Design Milk’s Blog.

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