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Color Trends for Spring 2016

We know that Simply White is the color of the year according to Benjamin Moore, but decorating only in white can be a bit limiting. Looking to the first buds of spring, here are some 2016 colorful lighting trends that the New Year has to bring.

Pantone released their Spring 2016 color palette back in September so we may be a little tardy to the party, but we don’t mind. The color palette itself is a beautiful array of popping primaries and ocean hued blues, scattered with some eye catching pinks.It goes from soft and muted to electrically charge in minutes. While Pantone steers the fashion world, I think these modern lights wear this spring’s colors nicely.


2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Giant1227 Floor Lamp from Anglepoise

Buttercup is a sun shining yellow that just makes you smile. Doesn’t the Giant1227 Floor Lamp from Anglepoise look happy in this color?


2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Trove Pendant Light from Niche Modern

Fiesta is for the free-spirited. The Trove Pendant Light By Jeremy Pyles, from Niche Modern in fiery red would bring a bit of  excitement to any space.

Green Flash

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Spiral Nest Cluster 3 Light Chandelier from Ridgely Studio Works

The Ridgely Studio Works  Spiral Nest Cluster 3 Light Chandelier is unexpected on its own. Done up in green flash, this coiled pendant has a uniqueness that’s open and inviting.

Iced Coffee

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Link Suspension Light – Small from Lzf Lamps

Iced coffee is an earthy tone and helps to balance out the vivid colors in the palette. Soft, subtle, and stable, the organic lines of the Link Suspension Light – Small from Lzf Lamps does this 2016 color trend nicely.

Lilac Grey

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Dimple Carafe Table Lamp from Jamie Young Co.

Lilac Grey is color for those that are looking for a subtle, yet edgy color. The Dimple Carafe Table Lamp from Jamie Young Co. lilac ceramic base is an organic balance to this elegant color.

Limpet Shell 

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Flo LED Floor Lamp from Lumina

Clean, clear, and modern, Limpet Shell is a fresh addition to this 2016 color trend. The Flo LED Floor Lamp from Lumina already defined shape holds this crisp color nicely.

Peach Echo

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Coral Pendant – Paint from David Trubridge Design

Peach Echo is a warm pop of color that’s still trendy and cool. The brightly painted inside of the Coral Pendant – Paint from David Trubridge Design makes this hue accessible and not overwhelming.

Rose Quartz 

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Lolita Table Lamp from Moooi

Dainty and soft, Rose Quartz is a gentle and composed hue. With its scalloped lines, the Lolita Table Lamp from Moooi has a lighthearted quality to it.


2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Soft Pendant Light (Blue) from George Kovacs

The color Serenity is just as calming as its name. There is something dependable about this color, like you can always count on it  to look beautiful. The Soft Pendant Light (Blue) from George Kovacs has just a touch of this cornflower blue hue that pairs beautifully with its outer clear glass shade.

Snorkel Blue 

2016 Color Trends|YLighting
Twiggy Floor Lamp from Foscarini

Snorkel blue may make you want to take a dip in the Hawaiian coast, which is just what this ocean blue color set out to do. Let the Twiggy Floor Lamp from Foscarini in deep ocean blue help you escape and relax while you dream of swimming with mermaids in hidden lagoon.

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