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Stitches: Wood Veneer Lighting Inspired by Fashion

Once upon a time, Egbert-Jan Lam of Burojet Design Studio designed a series of pendant lights made out of lasercut paper. A few years later, he was inspired to do the same thing with translucent and richly grained wood veneer. The result is the textural Stitches Collection for Lzf Lamps, available exclusively at YLighting.

We spoke with Lam to find out more about these bright new lighting designs.

Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration to create the Stitches family?

Stitches Collection by Egbert-Jan Lam, from Lzf Lamps

I wanted to make a highly aesthetic, simple light out of a flat material with as few different pieces as possible, to make manufacturing simple and quick. So we ended up with 9 identical panels as the base for each light. At the same time I was inspired by the fragile poetical lighting from f.e. Japan, which was made with rice paper.

The end result of the Stitches collection has both of these 2 worlds. The technique and the shapes really resemble the pattern cutting and stitching in fashion. The timberlite veneer has a very soft almost magical appearance similar to that of Japanese lanterns, and it makes it a perfect vessel for light and making lamps out of.

Stitches Mopti Pendant Light by Egbert-Jan Lam, from Lzf Lamps

How did you come to the idea of making the light appear through the hemming?

We needed the perforations to create less material to make bending easier. The nice side effect we got is that if you use a point-light and not a diffuse one, you get a beautiful projection around the environment.

As a projection you make part of the light more visible. Normally it’s cast in a diffuse way, and you don’t really “see” the light itself. You see the same happening in nature with a sunlight reflection in water projecting almost like a movie on a tree trunk, or light coming into a window of a castle; it makes a very theatrical atmosphere in a interior. It tells a little visual story.

Stitches Tombuctu Pendant Light by Egbert-Jan Lam, from Lzf Lamps

What’s the thing about design that you appreciate the most?

The freedom to create. It can be something  innovative, a solution to a problem or an object that’s meaningful in someone’s live. Or all things in one, of course. I like to make meaningful and at the same time aesthetically pleasing objects or solutions; both add to an sustainable environment.

Stitches Djenne Pendant Light by Egbert-Jan Lam, from Lzf Lamps

What is the importance of lighting in interior design?  

Without light there is no interior. You need light to look, and looking makes you see things…. With light you can radically change a whole setting without even physically moving or changing stuff.

Stitches Bamako Pendant Light by Egbert-Jan Lam, from Lzf Lamps

What would you tell a young designer who is just starting their career?

Trust your instincts, embrace your failures, be patient. Believe what people tell you and question it at the same time. Travel, visit museums. Do it, and have fun doing it! And most important: get out of your comfort zone!

The Stitches Collection comes in an array of pendant shapes, and color options both natural and vibrant. Find out more about them here.

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