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Why We Love LEDs: A Designer’s Perspective

In 2009, Cerno was founded by three lifelong friends in Laguna Beach, California. Since the company’s inception, Cerno’s principals have embraced LED technology. Their line of modern light fixtures celebrates LEDs and showcases how the technology can enhance and even inspire a fixture’s form.

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Cerno: Modern Wood Pendant Lighting

Cerno is a Latin verb that means to resolve, sift, separate, distinguish and discern. Cerno’s founders selected the name, because they strive to make sure each piece they produce is fully resolved. A vertically integrated process is what allows their team of skilled engineers, designers and craftspeople to be involved in every step of production,

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Abstract Pendant Lights |YLighting

Five Favorites: Abstract Pendant Lights

Abstract pendant lights are incredibly unique. There’s an added layer of meaning and artistic interpretation in these incredible pendant lights. This week I perused our huge assortment of pendants to find my five favorite abstract pendant lights:

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Cerno + ICRAVE Collaboration

While trying to offer the best in modern lighting, our team at YLighting is always looking for new and exciting brands, unique designs, as well as handmade and one of a kind beauties. Even better, when such gems are produced in accordance with best technological and environmental practices. And our most recent example of this comes to us exclusively from Cerno.

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Modern Winter Lighting |YLighting

Lighting Up Your Home for Winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to light up those cozy nights with some enchantment. Ambient lighting is crucial for creating the perfect mood for warmth and coziness. So light a fire, snuggle up, and add some inviting wintery cheer with these wodern winter Lighting, full of twinkling and glowing lights. 

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Bedside Lighting |YLighting

Bedside Reading Lights

The bedroom is your sanctuary – a personal, intimate living space. What decor you use to personalize your room can create a certain desired mood ranging from serenity to inspiration to even confidence. But more often than not, it can speak volumes about a person without even uttering a single word. What does your bedside lighting say about you?

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