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Top 10 Lights For Your Bedroom

Home is place of comfort and joy for many people, and the bedroom, perhaps, is a real-world magical space. It’s where everyone can relax, meditate, and recharge for a new busy day. That’s why lighting is so important for proper ambiance. To truly enjoy time spent in your coveted resting area, check out a list of our 10 favorite modern bedroom lights

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Industrial Modern Lighting |YLighting

Industrial Modern Lighting

The industrial look isn’t just for overtly masculine design. Wire-cages, reclaimed wood, factory inspired materials, and plenty of Edison style light bulbs – these industrial modern lighting fixtures find a way to be raw and yet still maintain clean modern lines, and I’m loving it!

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Unique Table Lamps

Table lamps are highly practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pack a style punch. These clever and innovative lamps make a statement AND add some unexpectedness to your space — whether they’re on or off. Here are some of my favorite modern table lamps that are anything-but-standard.

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Bedside Lighting |YLighting

Bedside Reading Lights

The bedroom is your sanctuary – a personal, intimate living space. What decor you use to personalize your room can create a certain desired mood ranging from serenity to inspiration to even confidence. But more often than not, it can speak volumes about a person without even uttering a single word. What does your bedside lighting say about you?

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PH 3½ - 3 Pendant Light By Poul Henningsen, from Louis Poulsen|YLighting

On Trend: Jewel Tones

Dynamic and distinctive, jewel tones are the latest trend. Resembling the hues of gemstones, think emeralds and sapphires, garnets and amethysts, these highly saturated colors make for the perfect finish on the modern light fixtures. 

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Q & A with Rico Espinet

We had the privilege recently of connecting with Rico Espinet, the creative mind behind Robert Abbey designs, to discuss the current trends and how he feels about looking back (and also forward). 

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Robert Abbey: Color

Robert Abbey has been designing and manufacturing fine lighting products since 1948. The philosophy behind the brand’s success is bringing the most contemporary trends and the classic, time-tested historical designs together.

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