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A TECH Lighting Guide: How to Order Track Lighting

TECH Lighting’s track lighting systems offer solutions for many indoor lighting challenges while being decorative at the same time. Moreover, they can provide ambient light, task light, spot light and accent lighting all in one system. They’re especially desirable for retrofit use, as they can be connected to a single junction box, which eliminates ripping out drywall or ceilings.

What Do You Want to Light?

Decide what kind of lighting effect you’re looking for. Do you need ambient illumination in a space with irregular ceilings? Do you need task lighting over a kitchen island or other work surface? Do you want to highlight artwork or architectural features? Are you seeking eye-catching accent lighting? Maybe you want to achieve two or more of these goals simultaneously. That’s the beauty of track lighting and why so many people use it. It meets the needs of multiple lighting challenges.

Building Our Your TECH Track Lighting System

TEch Lighting Monorail | YLighting Track Lighting Buying Guide
TECH Lighting Single Circuit Monorail Collection

TECH Lighting has five track lighting systems to suit varying needs and aesthetics. To begin designing a TECH Lighting track system, browse TECH Lighting’s collection of hundreds of compatible pendants and spot heads to select the fixtures that will help you achieve your ideal lighting effect. Then, build out the track system that will support them. (See the five track systems further down in this article). Be sure every fixture you select is compatible with the lighting system you intend on using; you should refer to the system designations below to help build out your track lighting:

The Various Types of Tech Lighting Track Systems

TECH Lighting Kable Lite Monorail | YLighting Track Lighting Buying Guide
TECH Lighting Kable Lite Collection
Kable Lite

Consider Kable Lite when you want minimal disruption to high ceilings or have vaulted, wood or concrete ones. You can create your own artistic illusion of floating lights as the integrated, low-voltage cables almost disappear when installed. Choose from multiple TECH Lighting Kable Lite low-voltage pendants and/or heads with various finishes. After choosing your cable’s length and finish, you’ll also need to order a transformer (a device that steps down the high-voltage electricity running through a home’s walls from 120 volts to 12 or 24 volts so that it can be safely run through a fixture), connectors (to channel power to the lights) and mounting accessories to complete the system.


Think of traditional track lighting with an increased ability to make a unique installation by being able to hand-bend the rail to balance or juxtapose any architectural feature or style; factory pre-bent shapes are also offered in several configurations. After choosing the rail length and finish, order your multiple pendants and/or heads, transformer (power feed), rigid or adjustable standoffs (to fasten the system to a surface) and end caps. Power extenders and standoffs are field-cuttable, so it’s easy to get a custom drop length.

Two-Circuit MonoRail

Two-Circuit MonoRail features two switchable, low-voltage circuits on one, hand-bendable rail for maximum lighting design. Two-Circuit MonoRail may also be ordered in pre-bent shapes from the factory. An advantage of Two-Circuit Monorail is that you can connect pendants to one circuit and directional lighting to the other and control each separately. After choosing the rail length and finish, order your transformer, standoffs and end caps.

Wall MonoRail

Wall MonoRail systems are mounted on the wall (as opposed to the ceiling) to cast light where you need it. This system’s main purpose is to light artwork or architecture, but it can be used for other purposes such as in high atriums. After ordering the basic rail’s length and finish, also order standoffs (which support every three feet of Wall MonoRail and at the corners), connectors and end caps.


For larger, 120 volt line-voltage pendants and heads, turn to Tech Lighting’s T-TRAK Collection. This is a hand-bendable, field-cuttable line-voltage track light system. Single circuit T-TRAK is rated for 20 amps and bends horizontally to a radius as small as 36”. Two-Circuit T-TRAK has two separate, switchable 20 amps, and it bends horizontally to a radius as small as 60”. Each section of T-TRAK comes with two end caps.

  • Note: Line voltage fixtures run on the 120 volt power source, standard in a North American home. Therefore, a transformer is not needed.

Start designing your single or two-circuit T-TRAK by choosing pendants and/or heads, then order connectors and standoffs—all with your finish choices.

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