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That’s a Ceiling Fan?

Cool. Sculptural. Unique. Functional. Modern ceiling fans are anything but typical. In fact, they may not even look like ceiling fans at first. Just like with lamps, fans have moved beyond classic designs due to technology advancements. Gone are the days of having to choose between compelling design or function.

Here are five ceiling fans that are anything but boring:

IC/Air2 Ceiling Fan by The Modern Fan Company

IC/Air2 Ceiling Fan from The Modern Fan Company

The IC/Air2 Ceiling Fan is what you might imagine ceiling fans of the future to look like. With a subtle resemblance to a UFO, this modern ceiling fan features a super slim, saucer-shaped body and two blades that look like airplane wings. From super modern spaces to more transitional, eclectic styled rooms, this futuristic ceiling fan will fit virtually any decor.

Torto Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

Torto Ceiling Fan from Fanimation

Is it on? Or is it off? At first glance the Torto Ceiling Fan gives the illusion it is moving because its three blades have a unique sweeping shape. In addition to providing a cool, visual effect, the blades of this ceiling fan create an airflow that moves outward instead of directly down to cool off the whole room.

C-IV Ceiling Fan by Matthews Fan Company

C-IV Ceiling Fan from Matthews Fan Company

The complete opposite of industrial and rigid, the C-IV Ceiling Fan tells the story of delicate, organic shapes and beautiful symmetry. The perfectly round body of the fan houses the light source and the concave fan blades wrap around it in a unique, visually intriguing way.

Enigma Ceiling Fan by Fanimation

Enigma Ceiling Fan from Fanimation

For a room that is craving something totally unique and eye-catching, the Enigma Ceiling Fan is the solution. Futuristic and design-forward, this fan has only one blade instead of the more common design of four or five blades. Having to work more efficiently due to its single blade design, this ultra-modern ceiling fan has an Energy Star rating and proves that more blades doesn’t mean better fan.

Blow Ceiling Fan by Luceplan

Blow Ceiling Fan from Luceplan

As functional as it is decorative, the Blow Ceiling Fan breaks all of the molds of what a ceiling fan is “supposed” to be like. Instead of neutral wood or metallic finished blades, the three fan blades are colorful and transparent. The light source is housed in the structure above the blades instead of below in order to cast a generous amount of ambient light. This out-of-the-box ceiling fan is perfect for any lover of color or nature.

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Becca Bird

Becca Bird

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