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Top 10 Artemide Lights

Founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1959, Artemide Lighting boasts world class modern lighting for every room and every need. Here are our top 10 lights from Artemide Lighting:

1. Empatia Suspension Light

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Empatia Suspension Light  from Artemide Lighting

Designed by Carlotta De Bevilacqua, the Empatia Suspension Light is the combination of the artful craft and mastery of traditional glass blowing and technological advancements of LED lighting. Each clear glass shade is hand blown by a master glass blower, making no two exactly alike.

2. LED Net Line 125 Ceiling Light

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
LED Net Line 125 Ceiling Light from Artemide Lighting

Like vines creeping up the side of a brick wall, the LED Net Line 125 Ceiling Light artfully grows across the ceiling. The painted aluminum structure is composed of LED lights outfitted with a transparent methacrylate lens which provides bright direct lighting.

3. Cosmic Leaf Floor Lamp

Artemide Lighting |YLighting
Cosmic Leaf Floor Lamp from Artemide Lighting

Part of the Cosmic series and winner of the 2010 Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum, the Cosmic Leaf Floor Lamp was designed by Ross Lovegrove. The transparent methacrylate diffuser is full of texture and is shaped in a distinct leaf form.

4. Mercury Ceiling Light

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Mercury Ceiling Light from Artemide Lighting

Another Ross Lovegrove design, the Mercury Ceiling Light is sculptural light composed of large pebbles in a chrome finish. The elongated shapes and mirrored finish of the pebbles reflect the light into the surrounding area.

5. Meteorite Table Lamp

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Meteorite Table Lamp from Artemide Lighting

The Meteorite Table Lamp, by Pio Toso, is composed of a glass diffuser that reflects the organic shape of a meteorite. A double layered diffuser gives the light a soft moon-like glow.

6. Pirce LED Suspension Light

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Pirce LED Suspension Light from Artemide Lighting

Designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutella, the Pirce LED Suspension Light is a contemporary piece of lighting. Layers of slim circles gracefully fall downward from a single disk, giving the light a spiraled effect.

7. Skydro Ceiling Light

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Skydro Ceiling Light from Artemide Lighting

The Skydro Ceiling Light appears like a pile of smooth moon rocks that hug the ceiling. Their chrome surface catches and reflects the light. You can even create you own customized lighting experience by adding extra units.

8. Miconos Floor Lamp

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Miconos Floor Lamp from Artemide Lighting

The Miconos Floor Lamp was designed by Ernesto Gismondi. The hand-blown transparent glass diffuser effortlessly encases an incandescent light bulb and is balanced atop a chrome plated steel stem and base.

9. Nur Gloss LED Suspension Light

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Nur Gloss LED Suspension Light from Artemide Lighting

The Nur Gloss LED Suspension Light by Ernesto Gismondi has a simple and minimal style. A black or white shade is finished in a high shine for a glossy look.

10. Demetra Wall Sconce

Artemide Lighting|YLighting
Demetra Wall Sconce from Artemide Lighting

The Demetra Wall Sconce, designed by Naoto Fukasawa, is aptly named after Demetra, the Greek goddess of harvest, both for its striking beauty and ability to “harvest a creative work environment”. A minimally styled task lamp, the painted aluminum body is composed of a fully adjustable arm and head, allowing the user to achieve the perfect angle of light.

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