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Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps

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Brighten dark corners and create instant ambiance with these modern floor lamps.

Arco LED Floor Lamp

The legendary masterpiece by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, which was first released in 1962, has become a genuine design icon. To mark the fiftieth birthday of the Arco, which also coincided with FLOS’s fiftieth anniversary, they have paid tribute to their best-known lamp by launching a new version, the Arco LED Floor Lamp, enhanced with advanced and high performance technology.

Tolomeo Mega LED Floor Lamp

In 1989, when the Tolomeo was given the Compasso d’Oro award for Italian industrial design it was credited with having achieved the perfect synthesis between design and engineering that works together in total “sync” to materialize an idea and create the perfect object for industrial production. Now offered with an integrated LED module, the Tolomeo Mega LED Floor Lamp is positioned to last for generations to come.

Twiggy Floor Lamp

The Twiggy Floor Lamp is characterized by a thin, playful and sophisticated design. Flexibility is the word for Twiggy; flexibility of the material which defines the ample and essential curve of the arm that carries the light source far from the base, in the possibility of adjusting the height of the shade thanks to a system of counterweights, and in the possibility of adjusting the length of the arm.

Silva LED Floor Lamp from Cerno


The structural connection between wood and metal was the inspiration for the Silva LED Floor Lamp, where the fixture’s stance is only strengthened by gravity. The tri-leg base finds stability on uneven surfaces and allows the cord to exit discreetly and effectively. It feels signature and iconic while still keeping a clean and timeless modern aesthetic.

George Nelson Lotus Floor Lamp – Cigar

Without question, the George Nelson Bubble Lamp Cigar Floor Lamp is a tried-and-true standard of the modern vocabulary. First designed in 1947, these lamps are constructed of an innovative taut plastic that coats a steel wire-frame. Nelson’s unique design and ingenious use of materials prove to eliminate glare and provide an abundant, yet diffused light.

Excel Floor Lamp

A spare and elegant oak and steel form provides the structure to support the illuminated fabric shade of the Excel Floor Lamp. The design of Excel is inspired by the colorful charts and graphs produced by the popular computer program, and its best hidden secret is a metallic reflector located inside the shade. The shade pivots slightly to provide direct and ambient illumination.

AJ Floor Lamp

Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, this modern classic features an asymmetrical shape and adjustable head. The AJ Floor Lamp creates direct and angled illumination, perfect for reading and writing. The lighting characteristics make it suitable when placed in a situation where distinct and directed illumination is required.

Circa Floor Lamp

In designing the Circa Floor Lamp, Pablo wanted to create a product that was revolutionary yet familiar. What resulted was not only a new lamp, but also a new archetype for indoor lighting ‐ one that blurs the boundary between the utilitarian work lamp and traditional shaded lamp.

Mirror Ball Floor Lamp

Blown like bubble gum into a mold, the Mirror Ball Floor Lamp is metalized internally to give a delightfully mirrored finish. This internal metallic design focuses the brightness from the lamp, projecting a soft, broad beam of light. The external chrome surface has the added benefit of making the exterior highly reflective providing further character to an interior space.

Z-BAR Gen 3 LED Floor Lamp

Ideal for reading in an easy chair or at a counter, the Z-Bar Gen 3 LED Floor Lamp brings the clean, modern design of the Z-Bar family without the need for a table. Adjustable positions and generous reach provide for a perfect lighting companion.

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