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Modern Mini Pendants For Every Look

Mini pendants are great for adding ambient lighting in an area, but they’re also ideal for concentrated task lighting elsewhere in the kitchen and office. Hanging multiple mini pendants either in a row or at vary heights can create a stunning lighting display over the kitchen island, dining room table, or in the entryway.

Better yet, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, whether bold, minimal, industrial or luxe. For your inspiration, here are the top modern mini pendants worth checking out.

Alina Pendant

TECH Lighting Alina Low Voltage Pendant Mini Pendants | YLighting
Alina Pendant from TECH Lighting

Favored for its beautiful teardrop shape, the Alina Pendant will draw anyone in for a closer look. Its heavy glass construction features a gorgeous clear draw and also provides great ambient lighting over a kitchen island.

Original 1227 Brass Pendant Light

Mini Pendants Anglepoise Original 1227 Brass Pendant Light | YLighting
Original 1227 Brass Pendant Light By George Carwardine, from Anglepoise

Whether its bedside, at a desk, or over a counter, the Original 1227 Brass Pendant Light shines generous downward light. The classic shape and heritage-inspired colors bring a refined vintage touch to modern spaces.

Briolette Low Voltage Pendant Light

Mini Pendants LBL Briolette Low Voltage Pendant Light | YLighting
Briolette Low Voltage Pendant Light from LBL Lighting

The Briolette Low Voltage Pendant Light features hand-etchings in its glass shade, transforming the transparent teardrop pendant into a gem-like beauty.  Once on, the light warmly glows from within, while still providing plenty of light onto counters and tabletops.

Etch Mini Pendant Light

Mini Pendants Tom Dixon Etch Mini Pendant Light | YLighting
Etch Mini Pendant Light By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon

A smaller version of the Tom Dixon classic, the Etch Mini Pendant Light is still just as beautiful as the original. The geometrical, dodecahedron shape is made up of etched aluminum, which shines brilliant patterns onto its surroundings.

Piper Pendant

Mini Pendants TECH Lighting Piper Pendant Light | YLighting
Piper Pendant from TECH Lighting

The simple and slim style of the Piper Pendant provides crisp downward lighting. While it looks great lined up in a row, its sleek shape really stands out by clustering a few together at various heights to create a unique lighting display.

Mini Pendants Tech Lighting Manette Low Voltage Pendant Light | YLighting
Manette Low Voltage Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

Tech Lighting’s Manette Low Voltage Pendant Light. Its cylindrical upper and lower glass shades are hand blown, thus giving the impression of one continuous fixture. Since the light is divided into separate parts, you can mix and match the glass colors to create a unique combination.

Aplomb Mini Pendant Light

Mini Pendants Foscarini Aplomb Mini Pendant | YLighting
Aplomb Mini Pendant Light from Foscarini

Though it may only be a fraction of the original’s size, the Aplomb Mini Pendant Light is just as stunning. Its unique concrete construction brings a rugged edge to the design, paired with a delicate and slender shape that works in even the sleekest of kitchens.

Danika 1 Light Mini Pendant

Mini Pendants Kichler Danika 1 Light Mini Pendant | YLighting
Danika 1 Light Mini Pendant Light from Kichler

Soft and simple, the Danika 1 Light Mini Pendant Light brings smooth, modern lines together with warm, wooden accents. The result is an airy and minimal look that works with a wide variety of styles and tastes.

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