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Top 10 Modern Pendant Lights

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Pendant lights are elegantly suspended overhead and are versatile enough for general, task, or ambient lighting. Here we feature 10 designs that range from timeless icons to cutting-edge creations.

Saucer Lamp From George Nelson

First designed by George Nelson in 1947, each Bubble Lamp is built to George Nelson’s original specifications. From the forming of the wire-frame, to the spraying of the vinyl form, each of these sculptural and ingenious lamps are constructed to last decades. These famous pendant lights are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Copper Shade Pendant From Tom Dixon

The Copper Shade Pendant highlights the dynamic and flexible properties of copper. Pure copper is used to create an enriched and softened light source. With its reflective qualities, the Copper Shade Pendant brings a sculptural sophistication to any interior. It can be used alone as a single pendant light or grouped together to form a dramatic chandelier.

Heraclum II Pendant from Moooi

A decorative LED lamp inspired by the Heracleum Plant. The natural structure is created by connecting lenses which resemble white leaves from one branch of the lamp to another. Using a special technique to coat the conductive layers, these pendant lights are very thin and delicate; a design which would not have been possible with normal wires. The Heracleum leaves can be freely re-positioned by rotating them around their stem, allowing for reconfiguration and a sense of movement from the lamp.

Pendant 172 From Le Klint

A design icon of the 1960’s, these hand-folded sculptural pendant lights have been in continuous production by the Danish company Le Klint. The material is a color-stabilized white PVC which is completely washable and anti-static. Le Klint pendant lights are enjoying a renewed popularity due to their aesthetically pleasing design which also provide gentle illumination.

PH 50 Pendant Light From Louis Poulsen

Poul Henningsen designed the three-shade system during 1925 and 1926 for an exhibition in Paris. By using a design based on the logarithmic spiral, he achieved even distribution of light over the entire curve of the shade. The design features visible reflectors which ensure that light is directed both vertically and horizontally. PH 50 is wet-painted in a high-luster finish and has a warm red anti-glare disc to ensure a warm tone of light. The inner-sides are painted white to make effective pendant lights.

Alva Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

Alva Pendant Light from TECH Lightin

Alva Pendant Light from TECH Lighting

A play on the standard idea of a light bulb, the classic Edison-style squirrel cage lamp is reincarnated here as a modern socket and cord-style LED pendant light. The Alva Pendant Light features a powerful downward-firing LED that is smartly hidden within the “socket” then combined with a solid “bulb” of pure optic crystal. Intricately detailed “filaments” are laser-etched into the crystal for visually intriguing pendant lights with an industrial feel.

Random Light from Moooi

The Random Light from Moooi is well on its way to becoming a classic. These pendant lights are made from resin drained yarn that is randomly coiled around an inflatable mold, creating a magic translucent 3D fabric. Trendy and forward-thinking, the Random Light also provides great ambient illumination.

Beat Light From Tom Dixon

When Tom Dixon took students from Royal College on a field trip he was inspired by the shape of traditional Indian water vessels. Beat Light is a pendant made from spun brass with a hand-beaten interior. Providing direct illumination with its unique aesthetic, these pendant lights comes in a variety of finishes.

Coral Pendant from David Trubridge Design

Hailing from New Zealand, the Coral Pendant Light features a new world mix of old world skills and craftsmanship, sustainability of materials and purity combined with some high-tech genius. Sharing a deep connection with nature David Trubridge Design pendant lights use timber from sustainably managed plantations and are designed to use the minimum amount of material for the maximum amount of effect.

Discoco Pendant Light from Marset

Both exuberant and attractive, the Discoco Pendant Light offers an interplay of  light and shadow to form suggestive, highly effective lighting. The thirty-five ABS disks vibrantly reflect the internal light source. On the outside, this reflection varies depending on the angle of the light, as well as providing direct illumination from its underside. The chromed sphere to which the metal bars hold the disks in place are connected, providing mesmerizing and glittering reflections.

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