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Top 10 Modern Recessed Lights

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Whether for the ceiling or wall, decorative or line-voltage, our selection showcases the best recessed lights for your needs.

ELEMENT – 3 Inch LED Adjustable/Downlight Trim from TECH Lighting

The 3 Inch LED Adjustable/Downlight Trim from TECH Lighting’s ELEMENT Recessed Lighting collection offers the ability to maintain precise control over your space even in the most demanding architectural environments. Available as a adjustable accent light or fixed downlight, the 3 inch series of trims and housings feature LED bulbs and a unique lamp cartridge system, which allows up to 3 optional control lenses to be used at the same time.

Skygarden Recessed Light from FLOS

Skygarden is a garden that does not need water or sun to thrive. A garden of plaster flowers that only needs the warm rays of electricity to sustain it. Skygarden recessed offers a new take on recessed lighting, it is meant to be seen and appreciated.

Tools Trimless Downlight with Eyeball Recessed Light from Fabbian

The F19 Tools recessed light is a sleek trimless LED down light which utilizes Grivory®, a highly rugged, heat resistant plastic made of polyamides with glass fibers. By using Grivory, the F19 Tools recessed fixture avoids the concern of plaster cracks from the expansion and contraction from heat generated by the LED source. The design was conceived to reduce the time required for installation, assembly and maintenance and to result in a beautiful trimless look.

Utah Control Recessed Light from Zaneen

The Utah Control Recessed Light can be mounted in ceilings or walls. Utah is NON-IC and a 3″ clearance must be maintained when insulation is present. Cable entry is in the rear of the fixture.

Orchestra D27/1/5q Ceiling/Wall Light from Luceplan

Orchestra is a complex ensemble of tools useful to architects in interpreting new lighting ideas. Modular flush-mounted elements are also available, with variations of light, geometry and colors, as an organic and harmonious series tuned to meet the needs of the architectural composition.

Model 8417 Recessed Lighting from WAC Lighting

The Model 8417 Recessed Lighting features a gimbal ring with a 25┬░ adjustment from vertical. Uses MR16 halogen lamp.

Cricket D60 F16 LED – Recessed Lighting from Fabbian

Cricket D60 F16 LED is a low-profile LED light engine that can be installed in ceilings, wall or floors, when used with the appropriate housing.

Princess LED Beauty Spot from WAC Lighting

The Princess Beauty Spot is part of WAC Lighting’s Beauty Spot collection. The fixtures in the Beauty Spot Collection are cut by hand from polished optic crystals, creating patterns of light that sparkle and shimmer to produce a striking effect. These recessed lights are available in several different shapes and colors, Beauty Spots can be installed in unlimited configurations and patterns to provide unique and interesting lighting effects.

Slot Recessed Wall Light from FontanaArte

The Slot Recessed Wall Light is part of a series of recessed lamps, providing indirect lighting. Ideal for installation in walls or ceilings, Slot has a metal structure that houses one or more fluorescent lamps. Slot is characterized by its ease of mounting and maintenance thanks to its cover held in position by neodyium magnets.

Ledra 12C Recessed Light from Bruck Lighting

The Ledra 12C Recessed Light is a recessed in ground fixture. Pressure fit mounting hardware allows for no screws to be visible. The small size, long life, lack of UV, and cool beam of these recessed lights allow for a wide variety of applications. Suitable for wet locations.

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