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10 Modern Night Lights for Baby’s Room

Choosing the right night light is integral part to any nursery. Too bright and it can inhibit your baby’s natural sleep cycle, too dim then it’s pretty pointless. Night lights can save Mom and Dad a few stubbed toes, and can even provide visual stimulation for baby when awake in the crib. Not to mention keeping the monsters away! We’ve gathered our top 10 night lights to share, all of which are perfect for creating a soft nighttime glow for babies and children alike.

1. Brown LED Lamp

Nigh Lights Mr. Maria Brown LED Lamp | YLighting
Brown LED Lamp from Mr Maria

Give your nursery the perfect glow with the Brown LED Lamp from Mr Maria. His energy efficient LED lamp is set to a dimmer, allowing you to set the perfect amount of light.

2. Koko Light

Night Lights Slide Design Koko Light | YLighting
Koko Light from SLIDE Design

Playful as a penguin, the Koko Light sways on its rounded bottom, mimicking the cute waddle of a penguin. Every Koko purchased helps to sponsor the Penguin Foundation, making it a cute and functional night light, as well as a fun and functional way to support a good cause.

3. MyPetLamp Duckling

Night Lights Offi MyPetLamp Duckling | YLighting
MyPetLamp Duckling from OFFI & Company

Featuring a Low voltage halogen light, the MyPetLamp Duckling baths the nursery in a soft light. Its made from non-toxic, odorless plastic, which can also be drawn on with washable markers, a plus for children with overflowing creativity.

4. Numen Table Lamp

Night Lights Seed Design Numen Table Lamp | YLighting
Numen Table Lamp from SEED Design

Since the Numen Table Lamp is made from a flexible and safe silicone rubber, its fun shade shape-able. With a wide variety of colors, there’s bound to be one to match any nursery decor. Best of all, this lamp stays lit for a full 20 minutes after turning it off, making it an ideal nightlight for toddlers and older kids.

5. Little Prince Lamp

Night Lights Mr. Maria Prince Lamp | YLighting
Little Prince Lamp from Mr Maria

Adventure awaits every dreamer with the Little Prince Lamp. Formed after the iconic storybook character, this warm and glowing lamp will stand guard at night. Just switch it to its lowest setting before bedtime for the sweetest dreams and a restful night of sleep.

6. Bubo Light

Night Lights Slide Design Bubo Light | YLighting
Bubo Light from SLIDE Design

Let the sweet Bubo Light provide a warm glow at night for your nursery. With its soft lighting and cute owl design, its the perfect bedtime companion.

7. MyPetLamp Piggy

Night Lights Offi MyPetLamp Piggy | YLighting
MyPetLamp Piggy from OFFI & Company

This precious piggy lamp features a low voltage 12v replaceable bulb, ideal for adding just the right amount of light. MyPetLamp Piggy is also made from non-toxic, odorless plastic and is available in a cool blue finish.

8. Giraffe Nightlight

Night Lights Jonathan Adler Nightlight Giraffe | YLighting
Giraffe Nightlight By Jonathan Adler, from Jonathan Adler

The Giraffe Nightlight is not your everyday wall nightlight. It features an iconic Jonathan Adler style, and is also made from matte white porcelain.

9. Kokeshi Lamp

Night Lights Mr. Maria Kokeshi | YLighting
Kokeshi Lamp from Mr Maria

This adorable night light is inspired by traditional Japanese Kokeshi Dolls. The Kokeshi Lamp features an energy efficient LED lamp and a built in dimmer. Her sweet smile and delightful shape would make for the perfect addition to any nursery or children’s room.

10. Pret-A-Porter Light

Night Lights Slide Design Pret A Porter | YLighting
Pret-A-Porter Light from SLIDE Design

With an integrated handle, the Pert-A-Porter Light makes a great night light option for kids to bring along. They can take it with them on their way to the bathroom or even bring it into a blanket fort for fun.

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