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Top 10 Modern Lights for the Nursery

Create a gentle and calming environment for your baby with modern nursery lighting. From playful to practical, light up your nursery with comfort and convenience. Here are our top 10 modern lights for the nursery:

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T-3052 Balloon Ceiling Light from Estiluz Lighting

The T-3052 Balloon Ceiling Light brings a playfulness to the modern nursery. A balloon shaped shade is made from satinated polyethylene, which gives off a soft and gentle glow.

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Paper Table Lamp Patchwork from Moooi

Integrating a unique material into its construction, the paper finish of the Moooi Paper Table Lamp Patchwork gives it a fun, childlike appearance.

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Moo 2 Light Wall Light from LightLove

Bring a bit of woodland whimsy into your nursery lighting with the Moo 2 Light Wall Light. The full scale wall-mounted Norwegian moose head light is a charming addition, and once lit, the translucent body gives off a warm ambient glow.

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Trípode G5 Floor Lamp from Santa & Cole

The Trípode G5 Floor Lamp makes for classic and practical nursery lighting. A dimmer switch is built into the cord, perfect for turning down and dimming the lights while you get baby ready for a good nights sleep.

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Numen Table Lamp from SEED Design

The safe silicone construction of the Numen Table Lamp is fun and flexible. With plenty of bright colors to choose from there’s a lamp for every decor.

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Snowflake Pendant from David Trubridge Design

Cast a warm play of light that your baby will enjoy with the Snowflake Pendant from David Trubridge Design. The soft glowing light is soft enough so as not to shine in your baby’s eyes.

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Phrena 2 Table Lamp:Pendant Light from Artecnica

The Phrena 2 Table Lamp:Pendant Light casts a diffused ambient light. Its 3-D shade is washable and adds texture and dimension to the nursery.

Nursery Lighting A. Moon Wall:Ceiling Light from In-es.artdesign|YLighting
A. Moon Wall/Ceiling Light from In-es.artdesign

Bring the round ethereal glow of the moon into your nursery with the A. Moon Wall/Ceiling Light. Hang it above your baby’s crib to create a moonlight sky for them to drift off to sleep under every night.

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Carmina Small Tripod Floor Lamp from Vita Copenhagen

The color dipped petals of the Carmina Small Tripod Floor Lamp come in an array of shades, so you’ll be sure to match one to your nursery’s decor. Its delicate aesthetic with a twinge of whimsy makes it ideal for the nursery.

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Nanuk Lamp from Mr Maria

Sweet and playful, the Nanuk Lamp is a friendly and glowing polar bear. This adorable lamp comes equipped with a built-in dimmer, so it can go from playtime to nap time, while still providing enough light for you to slip in and tend to baby without flipping on a bright light.

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